Antipathy to Nature Michael Tsarion All Parts

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In the series Michael provides us with handrails on the tip of the iceberg. His lecture provides excerpts and highlights from some of the most profound scholars and psychologists of history that show the controls of the PTB and how they are working with big brother on the process to bring into existence their NWO.

At 51 min. begins the anatomy of human destructiveness; 53:30 Ann Rand comment on the Collectivists tyranny; at 55 min. excerpts on the global village; at the one hour the moods of escape , loss of selfhood, then at 1:11:30 Collectivism and the crowd mentality; at 1:16 The Death Instinct, the immersion into the collective or Thanatos, followed by the war on consciousness ,historic amnesia, and finally duality with the master slave concept.

The video in its 4 parts covers so much disseminated material it could never be grasp in the 6 hrs. But what it does is give reference to topics of interest to spark ones own curiosity into further investigation for understanding of the self and how the powers that be manipulate it for total control


At the 14 minute mark Michael contests the experts using the comments and inserts of some the worlds leading psychologists on the topic of oneness and the persona of the self. Recognition of it and its development in relation to the social setting. How the superego molds the ego and how the repression of the individual is the hallmark to socialism.

24:30 Some explanation of how society is the leading cause of pathology. As it becomes more repressed and "closed" how the super ego becomes more ( tormenting ) forcing the individual to become more alienated and anxious as the super ego drags the ego toward the world.
Discussion of the inverse relationship of an increase in conformity and collectivism there is a corresponding repression of the self as the perfect slave is created.

40:00 discusses the Participation Mystique with some insight to the lure of this mystery and how it used by the PTB to create and perpetrate the evil of our leaders and erase our morals with the crowd mentality and why we go for it . Michael helps us to grasp and understand the psychic control they wield over us, how it is used against us with our complete welcoming of it ,our acceptance with out any resistance.

The concept of divide and conquer with the persecution of the vets Christians and members of the tea party groups. Manufacturing the perfect slave as its pointed out that tyranny is better organized .

The best part of the video here is the 44:00 minute mark to the 55:00 minute mark at the 56:00 mark self sadism becomes the topic before spinning off into schizophrenia, psychic totalitarisim, myth of guilt and the original sin.

1:20 how the major critics of our society have been suppressed and how governments, not wars have been responsible for the death and destruction of its own people more than the wars they perpetuate.

10:00 a detailed discussion begins, on ancestral trauma (previously mentioned) how it effects our consciousness and mans neurosis. How the fall away from nature has given rise to the division of our societies. The difference between shame and quilt, the inauthentic life, scientism and technology. The main symptom of pathology is mans antipathy to nature.
16:00 Negentropia, a new term for me is described as the fusion of man and machine.
23:00 how we are agents of our own demise . Societies transformation of mans submission by depravation of the self, the Automaton a phenomenon of "Anomie" the main cause of suicide, which has increased exponentially with the growth of industrialization.
31:30 Hyper reality we are being transformed into machines, entrained, and we are more and more treated as such.
38:00 Some extremely disturbing remarks from a couple authorities. Dr. Jose Delgado on Corportocracy /audultism , states man does not have the right to develop his own mind, he says we need a program of psycho surgery for political control. Then another psychopathic point of view. Thomas Hobbes states that humans are physical objects, the natural state is one of war not peace.
45:00 Imagination, the universe that speaks to and through you.
52:00 George Grodeck comment on the ID its creation of the ego and self, how our consciousness preserves our historical intelligence with a bond between the psyche and cosmos.
57:00 Major physiologists have always denied the concept of the self the I. They recently have been forced through their own contradictions to admit to the existence of this concept. Michael reveals their fallacy in their studies of hypnosis, where they have coined the phrase "The Hidden Observer"the effects that ancestral trauma has on the psyche.
1:02 The Mask of the unconscious, the meeting of Angels and Demons.
1:15 Origin of science is from the totality of experience and awe of nature and the universe . Nature is the instructor. A spontaneous response to natures vastness and beauty is the self responding to its own majesty.
1:21 Arian principles of Biophilia, the true love of life and all that lives, including the earth , solar system and galaxy with an enexcapable conclusion that the universe is intelligent.
1:25 Oceanic experiences, Psycic violence, healing animals, conclude part 3 of this remarkable series