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The leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday condemned the western leaders for their support for the latest genocide of 1.5 million Gazans by the Jewish army. “The bloodshed in Gaza shows the true face of the United states and the West,” he said in a televised speech aired in Beirut.

Nasrallah urged the 57 Muslim nation-states to sever all form of relations with the US while calling upon Cairo, Amman and Ankara to break diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity. He also claimed that the Zionist regime is taking revenge for its failure to bring regime changes in Syria and Lebanon by attacking the coastal enclave.

Hizballah is the only Arab millitia which defeated the Jewish Army in Summer 2006.

Barack Obama (US), David Cameron (UK) and Stephen Harper (Canada) have all given their unwavering support to the Zionist regime’s new air raids on Gaza while condeming retaliatory rocket attacks on the “pece-loving” Israeli Jewish settlers by the Palestinian resistance groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Egyptian president Dr. Morsi who is affraid to anger his western backers – sent prime minister Hisham Kandil to Gaza Strip on Friday. During his visit, Zionist prime minister Netanyahu ordered Israeli air-strike to stop. They were resumed once Hisham Kandil left Gaza.

Israeli air attack which started on Wednesday, has killed at least 21 Palestinian including Ahmad Jaabari, head of Ezzedin Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Most of the victims of Israeli air-strikes have been Palestinian children. The Zionist regime has declared emergency and have recalled over 30,000 army reserves for a possible ground attack.

Hamas has claimed downing of an Israeli F-16 fighter-jet and capturing its two pilots. Russian Television (RT) has confirmed Hamas claim. Israeli Channel 2 has reported that the Jewish army has indeed lost contact with the two pilots. Israeli military officials have warned Israelis to prepare for upto seven weeks of war on Gaza.

The Israeli military frequently carries out airstrikes and other attacks on Gaza Strip, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, in violation of international law, disproportionate force is always used and civilians are often killed or injured.

Hamas leader in exile, Khaled Mishaal who is attending the 8th General Conference of Sudanese Islamic Movement in Khartoum, has condemned the killing of commander Ahmad Jaabari. The conference is attended by more than 170 Islamists from around the Muslim world.

Jewish academic and author, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, in an interview at RT called Netanyahu ” a Maniac”. Watch the video below.

British veteran journalist and author, Alan Hart, has posted a brilliant article, entitled ‘Excuse me while I vomit’.

“I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit (dictionary definition – “to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouth”) when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the prison camp which is home to 1.5 million besieged and mainly impoverished Palestinians. The Israeli to whom I am referring is, of course, Australian-born Mark Regev, the prime minister’s spokesman, for which read spin doctor. The more I see and hear him in action, the more it seems to me that he makes Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief look like an amateur,” wrote Alan Hart. Read full article here.

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