[Must Read!] Apparently TPTB are trying to censor this story: Wonder Why?


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Here's a little piece of news that should be showed and shared before TPTB take care of it all together. I'll let you all decide if it 's true or untrue, being a political agnostic, I try to just report the story. (Sometimes I can't but this time I'm not a gun owner, but I do believe people here if they are bought legally and handled properly they should have access to a weapon, but this is not right, is what I'll say about it.)

Why Has This Story Been Censored? | Politics

Obama Tells America To Hand Over Its Guns…

by Ulsterman
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I have to wonder that people accept such an item as de rigueur at home and on your person. Honestly, what kind of world do you people want to live in? Get rid of guns in the same way we all want to rid the world of nuclear weapson! Why do you feel it's *right* in any way or on any level to pursue such an insane "right" or - God forbid - "freedom"? Do you really want to live in a world that is ruled by fear and pain? Keep hording those guns then. Plenty of fear and pain packed in each and every one of them.
I must've had my words jumbled together that made it look like I was in favor of this move, i apologize for the that, which I'll reiterate that I'm not. You unarm legal gun carrying people you'll get the gangs and the you get these hoods flashing their blackmarket guns around, hense more crime.

but I do believe people here if they are bought legally and handled properly they should have access to a weapon, but this is not right, is what I'll say about it.

What I meant by this is not right it's not right to not to be able to armed to protect yourself and your family as long as you do it legally.:apologetic:Glad to know despite misunderstanding we agree. :) Thanks for questioning and make me look at how it could've been misconstrued. :)
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I really do understand what you meant but I have to wonder at the whole premise of having weapons at all in your life. I've lived in major cities my entire adult life, having grown up on military bases as a child. I have to say that I have never, ever once thought of owning (let alone using) a gun. My own mother is a NRA card-carrier (and gun carrier too, obviously) and it is simply beyond my ken as to how anyone can justify such a thing. She lives in a semi-rural area in the Pacific Northwest. Why would an elderly woman there need to carry?

I think attitudes need adjusting more than anything. You shouldn't need guns for any reason. You have to look at why you have that need and why you feel it's so important that it is within a person's rights to have access to something that exists simply to take the life of another.
Sorry, can't answer that question, I don't own and i don't carry probably never would even if given the opportunity. So, what sounds o.k. to you and me doesn't to others. (an illegal gunholder is probably doing the robbing) But it would make me feel safer (say hypothetically of course, if somebody were robbing me, a legal gunholder(of course the only way I'd know if he/she were carrying legally would be when the police came, but I think its highly unlikely an illegal gun holder would save me from being robbed,) would be around. I have no friends that carry.

Illegal gun holders are scary, if you ask me.

As for your mom, maybe she listens to the news and here's about all this crime maybe having one makes her feel safer. How about her community has there been an uptake in crime there (where there's people)or since it's rural where your mom lives any wild animals about? Who knows what it is that makes a person want to carry a firearm. Maybe its just because of the 2nd Amendment, and they can, you know like the mountain climbers because its there.
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