[Opinion] Oxymoron? Apparently the postal service can't figure out why it's going broke


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After being sold on the stamp "where the prices never increase it's been increased" at least two times. I don't know does anybody pay attention as to when they get the mail delivered? For the last two weeks it's been coming after 6pm around here.

Not that there's ever anything in the mail except bills or junk we have one bill we pay as soon as it comes in because the company is nasty and turns service off if they don' get it now despite the invoice telling us we"re a "valued customer". We don't trust this company for automatic bill pay either.

But you pay so much for postage and get lousy service I don't blame people for paying on line or over the phone, and sending e-mail. no wonder the postal service is going broke.

Sorry for you letter carriers you used to have a dependable job


by Tyler Durden
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