~Ascension ~ Your Missions & Agreements ~


It amazes me how many souls~ can't want to ascend and get off the planet.

Do you not realize, that your very souls asked and volunteered to come here, to this planet during this time because of an incrediable love to serve the divine will and the highest good of all. You volunteered to assist Humanity and Mother Earth in their awakening and the ascension, playing many roles and taking on many responsibilities.

Our first responsibility to remember who we are. Does it really matter which star linage you came from, as each of you are more then a starseed or a member of the GFL. Each of you possess many star linages. One or two may be dominate, but as long as you're here now, you're a human rediscovering all that you are ... awakening to limitless possibilities. But, beyond starseed and human ... remember your divinity first and foremost. Remember the passion, love and excitement you had prior to coming fourth into this reality matrix. The love you felt deep within your hearts and souls for Mother Earth and for our divine family here on Earth.

We knew before we entered this agreement, that the harshness of this world, the polarized energy fields would impact us in unknown ways, present challenges and we still choose to come. We agreed to remember, agreed to transmute the darkness into light, to assist humanity in releasing and transmuting their fears and miscreations. We understood that humanity would have to walk through the dark night of the soul, as a mass consciousness.

We knew humanity had forgotten and were being suppressed. We knew this and still agreed to walk with them through the darkest hours. Yes, in all it's difficulty, in all the chaos and drama ... many of us have forgotten ourselves.

But we came here to be of service to the Divine Will, to Humanity and to Mother Earth. Awakening humanity and assiting them in their ascension. Yet, I hear so many being caught up in the polarized energies, loosing faith and wishing to escape back to the stars and other worlds.

Ascension is not about returning to the stars or mother ships.

It's bringing the Heavens here to Earth. It is bringing living love, living light, higher consciousness to Mother Earth and to Humanity. It is assisting and helping a planet and all life upon her to evolve into their next level of spiritual and conscious evolution.

Ascension is the transformation of awakening from fear into love. Remembering we are multidimensional, spiritual and a divine expression of love manifested through living light. It is a reunion of spirit and matter. A shift in paradigms to embrace higher understandings of the divine, the universe, the stars and ourselves.

A reuniting of divine soul groups and universal star families.

A return in living in alignment with the natural cycles, the laws of nature, the divine laws and universal laws ... living in peace, balance and joy with all life and all creation. Embracing the gifts, wisdom and beauty each soul has to give, each culture or world has to share with another.

It is also remembering the power and authority we carry. That we are here to protect Mother Earth and Humanity from those who would cause harm or breech intergalactic or divine laws.

We are healers, teachers and warriors for those who have forgotten. We are here to move into the darkest places, the hardest challenges to bring hope and carry the light for others until they find it within themselves.

For those wishing to escape, we know it's hard and you knew it would be a challenge before you chose to come here. You came here for a multitude of reasons to be of service to the Divine, the GFL, Humanity & Mother Earth. You came here for the unique and immense opportunity to bare witness to the greatest transformation of love and light. To learn and evolve within your own spiritual growth and soul experience.

Know in your heart you are a channel for transmuting all fear, illusions and miscreations. You are a channel of living love and light anchoring higher vibrational frequencies, more love and light quotients and anchoring new and higher potentials.

You are healing through your experiences and as you bring new insights and knowledge to this reality, know you also gain incrediable experiences and are tuning your own gifts into higher potentials and evolving within your own divinity and divine perfection.

Do not throw away the opportunities the divine and universe have given you.

Remain in a place of love, merge your heart with the heart of Mother Earth and to the heart of the Eternal Sacred Source. Become a bridge between Heaven and Earth allowing all that is to flow to you, through you and from you knowing you are an anchor and a catalyst for universal change.

For what happens here on Earth shall ripple through the cosmos. Allow that ripple to be the largest wave of love and divine rememberance known in this universe.

Each one of you has an incredible impact within the uniquiness that is only you.

Remember your divinity before all else and all you seek shall be found, even here on Earth.

In Loving Service &
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