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I do glass work and about 2-3 years ago I had the urge to make pyramids. The ones I am making now are around 4" tall, in gorgeous iridised glass. I put a base on and glue a few crystals onto the base. At the top I put a spiral of copper wire and either a merkaba or a crystal point. Just for the hell of it one day I held a pendulum over the top and it spun SO fast and SO hard it almost flew out of my hand. Feel they are some form of energy device.
I had the feeling they were for a specific purpose, as in joining the grid of pyramids around the world. There have been some reports of huge spirals of energy seen flying out of the apex of pyramids around the world. A couple of years ago my husband & I went to the Dominican Republic to live and I took pyramids with me. ALWAYS felt Atlantis was around there. Anyway, we didn't stay, but the pyramids did. (husband & I split up, but are still friends) The reason for going to DR, may have been just to take the pyramids.
Today (11/22/12) around 9am I saw chemtrails being sprayed around, 5-6 of them by 9am. I put 2 pyramids on a table outside and within 2 hours the sky was absolutely clear, and they were still spraying ! Now it's 2.45 pm and the clearest blue skies I have seen in a long time !
Have been reading a fair bit about pyramids now for a couple of years, almost every day there is a reference some way of another. Somehow I think they play an important part in the Ascension.
I read David Wilcock's book, Source Field Investigations where he writes about some incredible pyramids in Russia. This book is well worth reading.
This is on youtube.
There are some REALLY interesting videos on this page.
Also, there is a man in the US building pyramids that clear the skies, his name is Ross Purviance
http://pesn.com/2012/07/21/9602140_Small_Pyramid_Claimed_to_Clear_Chemtrails_ Stabilize_Nature/
Follow the links as you can buy his plans to make a pyramid or the kit to make them.

It will be an interesting test today (11/23/12) for chemtrails and my pyramids. They have obviously been at it for a few hours and the sky is well covered with chemtrail clouds, keeping in mind it is really only 8.50am (we are in daylight saving time here in Australia) so they have been beavering away at poisoning us for a few hours.

Whoever "they" are have REALLY stepped up the amount of spraying the last few weeks. Until about 6 weeks ago I never saw a chemtrail here, now it's almost every day, and for most of the day. You can almost bet on them spraying of it's going to be clear blue sky.
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That is absolutely amazing! It's been said for a long time that there is something very mystical and mysterious about pyramids and what that shape can do. Thank you for sharing this with us! :)