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09-02-2010 05:03 AM

'For 30 years, aspartame (AminoSweet, Equal, NutraSweet, Spoonful, Canderel, E951, Benevia, etc.) has caused sickness and death in 100 countries. * In the beginning, the FDA tried to get G. D. Searle indicted for submitting fraudulent studies that did everything from filtering out the neoplasms to excising brain tumors, and putting dead rats back in the study and resurrected them on paper. This failed because the lawyers for the manufacturer hired the two federal prosecutors. Next the FDA Board of Inquiry revoked the petition for aspartame approval. Don Rumsfeld, CEO of the manufacturer, G. D. Searle Co. called in his political markers to get aspartame on the market anyway. Rumsfeld was close to Ronald Reagan and the night after his inauguration Reagan had upright FDA Commissioner, Jere Goyan, fired. Then he appointed Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner. Hayes over-ruled the Board of Inquiry and let slip the hounds of disease, disability and death on an unwarned innocent world population.' Read more: Aspartame Awareness Weekend - What You Can Do
Aspartame is really very dangerous for the health but people don't know this fact and it is a good news that people are doing efforts for the awareness of its harmful effects.
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Yeah, if only more people knew this, it wouldn't have such high sales, I see a diet Coke or Pepsi in someone hand everyday. It drives my crazy!!!
Poison, poison, poison, and MORE POISON! It's ridiculous the amount of poisons such as aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that people consume day in and day out. I'm with you on this one Frog, it makes me litterally sick to see someone drink this s**t. I can't stand it and I tell as many people as I can, but no one seems to want to listen. It bypasses the blood-brain barrier and attacks the brain, but people either don't care, or they don't believe. they see celebrities with it, so it must be good, right? F off! Brainwashed sheep!

Sugar is better for you than ANY fake sweetener, however most sugar is manipulated (bleached to make it white, etc.) making it bad and causing negative effects, but at least it doesn't break through that blood-brain barrier. However, there are organic sugars out there that are much better for you that don't have the negative effects. I switched to organic cane sugar years ago, and I've noticed quite a difference, such as NO sugar high. What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, you know when you eat something sweet and you get energy for about 2 minutes and then you crash? Well, that doesn't happen with the organic sugar. It's the chemicals used to 'bleach' the sugar that cause the crash. Another thing about the crash from sugar, if you sleep, you don't rest and you wake up just as tired if not more tired than when you went to sleep. Not the case with the organic cane sugar. I've been resting well since I switched and don't feel tired when I eat it. I use it for everything.

Bottom line: Tell everyone you see, and don't shut up about it! Whether they WANT to hear it or not, they NEED to hear it.