(Audio Report) The eeriness around the passing away of PRINCE'S jewish ex-girlfriend VANITY


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The Late Denise “Vanity” Matthews Leaves Most Of Estate To Church.
February 21, 2016

We all are still grieving over the loss of our dearly departed Denise Matthews. The singer who was known as Vanity back in the 80s died after battling an inflammation of the small intestines. Matthews had been living for Christ for the past 20 years, and devoted most of her time to worship.

Denise left specific wishes explaining to her family and friends what to do with her body and her money. The body was to be cremated, and her money would mostly go to the place she loved the most.

“Take my ashes and spread me out on the water,” wrote Vanity, who went by her real name Denise Matthews after becoming an evangelist and giving her life to The LORD 20 years ago.

“Roxanne Harper will do this in Hawaii Halelujah! Please have a party with cake, balloons and ice cream and no tears!,” Matthews added in the 11 page document signed Jan. 23 and filed this week at the Alameda County Superior Court.

Prince’s protégé and one time girlfriend Vanity, whose 1983 hit “Nasty Girl” rocked her into the spotlight, died Feb. 15 from a small intestine complication. She was 57.

Mattews’s dying wish was to have her ashes scattered over the water off the Hawaiian coast followed by a big party and left almost all of her estate to her church.

The breakdown is as follows: Vanity’s friends and church leader’s, the Revs. Willie and Roxanne Harper, head the Jesus Christ For All Ministries church in Northern California, got the bulk of her estate.

She named the pair her executors, and, according to the will, they’ll get Matthews’ 2007 Saturn, a Buick Encore, a $39,000 diamond ring, another $7,000 in jewelry, the contents of her house, a sword collection and 40 percent of the publishing and movie rights to her autobiography, “I Blame Vanity.”

The Harpers will also get 75 percent of all the money in Matthews’ checking and savings account, though the will doesn’t specify how much money was in those accounts.”