Bacteria live a million years without air in Antarctic


Bacteria live a million years without air in Antarctic
Friday, April 17/09


A colony of bacteria survives more than one million years without light or air under the ice of the Antarctic. They may become entangled in the ice when the sea where they lived slowly froze. The discovery also suggests that life on other planets cold.

Red color
The researchers, who published their findings in the journal 'Science', suggests that the bacteria could survive thanks to rotting organisms and animals in the cold not survived. They discovered the bacteria in a red colored waterfall in Antarctica. The color is caused by bacteria that feed into iron.

Other planets
The bacteria are present similarities with bacteria, but there are also differences because they are so long in an isolated environment have lived. The researchers were surprised because the bacteria without oxygen or light to survive. It can teach us a lot about how life on other planets is possible in difficult circumstances can be. (gb)