[Attention] Been away


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the wi-fi internet by the house is down can't stay for too long here public library. how long the internet is going to be down i don't know.

Does anybody know about the At & t bundles, they have a really good deal going on now really thinking about it. hope the wi-fi comes back soon.


Lady of Light

Are you looking for Internet only? or a combo with TV? Also, how much are you paying for TV now?

Here are their internet packages:
Shop U-verse High Speed Internet Plans - Best Offers from AT&T

Under the internet only section, when I clicked on the details link, it talks about the internet packages that are NOT listed which include cheaper ones than what are listed on that page. They have a 19.99 package for basic internet. You may have to call them to find out.

Here are their TV/Internet packages:
AT&T U-verse Packages - U-verse TV & High-Speed Internet Bundled Together

Hope that helps. :)

PS, I kinda figured your internet was down, and that's why we haven't seen you around. :) Hang in there! :)


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Thank you Lady of Light for help will check it out. Now as of this morning I was not able to even see any connections on the list (. Our property manager told us we could put a dish on the wall outside not on the roof, we have a new one. Now we have to pay off both bills as we are normally one month behind, and then I think we'll switch. :) so, until then i'll check in as often as i can. :) I just got back when they delivered our late paper, I have to be home as much as I can my friend has that oxygen chord and its hard for her to get to the door.:(