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Dream Bytes

they saw a dream within a body
a body which beheld the bits

each took a bit
and wanted more

settling on being fed

they took their full tummy
and rested

it is good they thought
until they hungered again
thinking of the bits
and wondering about the dream
they ate another bite

what dream is this
could it change and that all right?

what dream could be like water
flowing into open drains

where is the ocean from whence the dream came

did anyone wonder with a belly full of bits?
and bites

could they voice this out loud?

a full belly keeps silence
hunger is not pleasant

a journey
for a wanderer

alone seems

not afraid of

looking examining
while the belly groaned
and complained
barren of bits and bites

wanderers meeting
from another spiral of

and dreams

look back and see
byte have been
awakened from
the matrix flare

and so it seems....


for they have a belly
of bits and bites

and await to be feed from
a different dream

by day
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The Sculptors

oh what fine sharp edge to the hand a chisel poised
ready to move steered from the eye of its captor

what matrix of thoughts do churn and play
with putty...
or so it seems

oh fine sculptor bearing gifts of artistic flair
might your eyes behold a love so grand
to spew in numbers rhymed to...
a matrix of mystery rhythms in cascading mysteries
a labyrinth of yet greater numbers

might your rhythm bold and blaring
fold in dis array an aim and desire?

the pulse beats and bounces
the putty mold of your desire
tis a chisel what you mold
sharp and and yet frail

blind not eyes while the matrix dances
forgetting how whence it came ....

so joined in a splendor of passion...
blessings sparked such ignition
a far land ... a distant star

remembering once long ago the kiss and smile
of a mother who held the heart of a

who held a tool....
not to forget the hand
who wields the chisel

for love is grown with each hand the chisel poised and ready to use
yet not for a moment
but none
forever and never
but today
so many eyes
direct the hands
wielding a tool
for love

not pain

sculptors far and wide
eyes open
and aware
another day
has passed

where once held the mother of life

and stood upon the ground

turned away from creating destroying
molds of pain filled glory
of profit
that never gained

a moment of peace

so many eyes
so many hands
so many stars
so many lands
so many mothers
so many children
so many people

chisels they behold steered
from their eyes
clearing the matrix
a breath at a


and the chisels awoke
and wondered did we get here...
awakened from a dream

of being a


a poem

a memory

by day​
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Child of the Eagle

Eagle You harness the day
in your mighty wings
and eyes bright
search the Heart
soaring love, strength in air
firm of root
your search is not in vain
you find
your hearts

Child of the Eagle
remembering who you are
your life found
in myths


by Day

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The Sanctuary

There is a poem in my heart
words and rhythms of Spirit
that I see
following the Breeze
as She kissed the leaves
on Grandfather Tree
Breeze carried the whispers of
Grandfather Tree
to the Little Waves on
Grandmother Ocean
Little Waves sparkled
with tiny giggles
and shared this joy
with Sand and
Grandfather Sun
Grandfather Sun
sparkled with Little Sand
and smiled Rainbow on
Listening Mountain
Listening Mountain told
Bear, Fox, Wolf, Butterfly
and Butterfly
told Flower
Flower sang Beauty
in the poem of
found in the Sanctuary
of our Heart

by Day​
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The Mystery of Creation

I found a tree who spoke with me and carried me high in her branches
I kissed the sun and joined a clouds misty celebration
for all around was there to see the mystery of Creation

breath in silence universes unfold
secrets found within the light of day
a Sun a love a hearts delight

found in the mystery of creation

full of waters that quench a thirst
and never dry the heart
my teachers grew in loving care
the mystery of creation

my eyes and heart joined this dance
Wind gently blew my hair
while there was I
a child not lost in
the mysteries of creation

by Day

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Root of Creation

you are grown in
our heart
sending tendrils to the land
our feet

growing through

Root of Creation
your soil is love
by Spirit
a soil
that is never

Root of Creation
you absorb
the hardness
within the
the darkness

Root of Creation
you give
you expand
you heal

Root of Creation
what flower
will bloom
what leaves
will unfurl
what tree
will thrive

Root of Creation
shining chamber
of golden light
as you grow
your light
of the heart

Root of Creation
a leaf
a flower
do you reveal
the seed point
in the mind

Root of Creation
you are grown
the Mother of Creation
voice of dreams

in a

River of Light
you flow through our heart
you nourish the roots of Creation
you sing a melody in your Eternal flow

River of Light
flowing sweetly
what grows from Your
Seeds' Inspiration?

what delight
what joy
will we behold?

by Day

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