Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore Interview on OffPlanet Radio


We originally planned this as a full video interview over Skype, but the logistics and limitations of bandwidth from two people in seperate remote locations proved to be insurmountable. This is the audio from that interview and does suffer some technical issues.

Bill and Eva wanted to talk in an open format about a wide range of topics including: the Don Shipley lawsuit and the full frontal assault on the "whistleblower" movement on the internet via misinformation, disinformation, and planted underminers like the "Former White Hat Operative"---the game of cyber balderdash; mainstream media's assault on mass consciousness...strategies to counter the tactics of media; the complicity of so-called "legitimate" whistleblower sites with disnfo agents...use your discernment; we move on to the "viral" Kony video and the mechanics of Hollywood manipulation of perceptions via contrived media events---George Clooney and his handler, John Pendergast, the meltdowm of Kony videographer, Jason Russell..."Drake" and the David Wilcock interview..."Holodynamics" and healing...much more...listen for the subtleties