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    [Info!] re Chem Trail busting !

    I do glass work and about 2-3 years ago I had the urge to make pyramids. The ones I am making now are around 4" tall, in gorgeous iridised glass. I put a base on and glue a few crystals onto the base. At the top I put a spiral of copper wire and either a merkaba or a crystal point. Just for the...
  2. Denise

    Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore Interview on OffPlanet Radio

    We originally planned this as a full video interview over Skype, but the logistics and limitations of bandwidth from two people in seperate remote locations proved to be insurmountable. This is the audio from that interview and does suffer some technical issues. Bill and Eva wanted to talk in...
  3. Denise

    David Wilcock Interviews Drake

    Great interview, must watch! Approximately 1 hour per file. http://divinecosmos.com/media/Divine...Part01.MP3.zip http://divinecosmos.com/media/Divine...Part02.MP3.zip http://divinecosmos.com/media/Divine...Part03.MP3.zip
  4. Denise

    Interview with 'SVALI' Illuminati Defector

    Svali (her pseudonym)- Ex-Illuminati Programmer / Trainer INTRODUCTION: About Svali: MP3 - Illuminati Defector Svali Speaks http://svalispeaks.wordpress.com/
  5. Denise

    It's Time To Take A Serious Look At David Wilcock

    For the rest of the article: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?42029-Maybe-time-to-take-a-serious-look-at-David-Wilcock
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    If anybody is following David here is his latest blog posting: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/d...-final?start=3
  7. Denise

    (Earth is Becoming a Star) The Core Message - The Divine Completion

    YouTube description: (The Core Message - The Divine Completion) Contains: - Role Venus and Mercury Explained - The New Earth Theory Exposed! - David Wilcock Explains deep scientific Data of the Coming transformation - Pane Andov Shares his Experiences and Coming Transformation - Proof given...
  8. Denise

    Divine Cosmos: FINANCIAL TYRANNY: The Final Sections

    FINANCIAL TYRANNY: The Final Sections
  9. Denise

    FINANCIAL TYRANNY by David Wilcock

    Davids posted his 3rd part. FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time A 122-nation alliance is backing a lawsuit that could free the Earth from financial tyranny. This investigation reveals who the perpetrators are and what we can do to solve the problem. [PLEASE NOTE...
  10. Lady of Light

    Lady Of Light: January 8th 2012 Channeled Message

    Channeled by: Lady of Light January 8th, 2012 Unhypnotize.com At this time, this is what is being seen. There are things coming. I don't have a timeline, but things negative will snowball. More like avalanche. Don’t panic. Panic is the worst thing you can do. Open your eyes to it. Pay...
  11. Lady of Light

    [Attention] The True Lady Of Light: Ascended Being, Helping Humanity Transition With The Earth And Reach Enlightenment

    Hello everyone, It's time for me to stop hiding and stop pretending. It's time for me to open up, be who I really am, and start doing what I came here to do; to put my true powers to work. I am a higher being who has come here to help the people of this world ascend with their planet. I am...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford detained against his will, David Wilcocks death threat

    Ben was detained against his will in a hotel by a "cia type group" shortly after David Wilcock published his new article with solid evidence supporting what Ben was saying, as well as a transcript with him. He was not able to make his regular prime time tv show for that reason. Davids new...
  13. New UFO Hunter

    Denise Le Fay: Interesting ET Connections & Updates

    12/2/2011 http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/ Due to our completing the past Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar (Oct. 28, 2011), we’re now in a transitional cusp period between the collapsing past and the manifesting new. Having been a performer (dancer) for nearly twenty years, I always...
  14. Denise

    David Wilcock: Occupy Your Self! Personal Spiritual Development

    THE "FOURTH-DENSITY SHIFT" In the Law of One series, this process is referred to as the "fourth-density shift." I like to call it "Ascension." I first heard about this concept in the mid-1990s, and I immediately felt that if it were really true, there should be an incredible scientific case...
  15. Denise

    C2C - David Wilcock - The Ancients stargate systems

    Just thought some might be interested:
  16. New UFO Hunter

    Barack Obama traveled to Mars

    This is interesting but is it true? By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars visitation program of the early 1980’s have confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in 1980 and was among the young Americans...
  17. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ Celebrate Your Return As Sovereign Beings! ~ October 12, 2011

    There is no doubt that your creative powers are opening up paths to Ascension that are extremely powerful, and that is speeding up the changes. It is happening on more than one level, and bringing forth the first of many preliminary changes that will set things up for the more important ones...
  18. Truth Vibrations

    David Wilcock - Blog Talk radio 9/9/11 & Erskine on Radio 9/17/11

    This is 2 new David Wilcock radio interviews: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tawnint...investigations http://www.erskineonradio.com/archives/archives.html Enjoy :)
  19. Denise

    New article from David Wilcock September 5 2011

    It's great to find an optimistic spokesman from the alternative and possible potential MSM soon! He is promoting his new book, and there is a new radio interview with Nassim Haramein's check it out! Radio interview here: http://divinecosmos.com/podcasts/wil...ind_110822.mp3...
  20. Denise

    2012 Event Horizon: (3) Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock

    David Wilcock) In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition. Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a...