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" March 23, 2012


I am now back in the LA area after traveling on a vacation down in Tikal area and Belize. Some relaxation and some challenging explorations. After hiking in the jungle, canoeing down the Belize rivers and exploring the Mayan ruins in Tikal on the spring equinox I am happy to be back in California. This was the first 'vacation' I've had in many years!
Note in reference to the rumors I was kidnapped: In fact, I am alive and well and my webmaster Tommy is innocent of all charges leveled by the Former White Hat LOL... I have never been to Venezuela :) .. at least not in this life.


And click here for Bill Brockbrader's comment on the lawsuit:


My comment : While it seems to me obvious that Brockbrader was a Navy SEAL, clearly the Navy believes it can prove it's case or they wouldn't be backing Shipley's lawsuit. I highly doubt Shipley is operating on his own. And in naming Wolf Radio it is unclear what they hope to gain especially with the disclaimer that Corso has on his site. I will say a huge amount of disinfo and baseless attacks on Camelot have come from that site and some of the hosts of shows there. Recently I hear they have been backtracking on those attacks. But regardless of that, the REAL question is, why does the Navy want to draw further attention to the Brockbrader story? What is really going on here?
Regardless of the unfortunate and unfounded attacks by Brockbrader and Wolf Radio on Camelot, I think it is important to keep the kernal of truth in mind with regard to Brockbrader's story. What was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan was a clandestine war during the years since the gulf war and up until 911. This was an orchestrated operation to stimulate the formation of 'Arab terrorists' that the Secret Government could blame for the 911 attacks. Do not lose sight of this!

Shipley and the Navy are playing a high stakes game in bringing a lawsuit against Brockbrader. This lawsuit cannot go to court without bringing black projects to the fore in the public eye. Shipley should be alerted that Project Camelot will gladly encourage ALL OUR WHISLEBLOWERS from Black Projects to stand up and be counted with regard to the existence of very real above top secret levels of operations that substantiate the testimony of Brockbrader regarding his past clandestine activities.

What this lawsuit is in my view, is an attempt to prove the impossible... as the saying goes .."he asked if it was classified and he was told no, because you can't classify something that doesn't exist."--Hawk Tales

So the question is, does Shipley and the Navy SEALs want to test that hypothesis? Are they willing to stand up in court and admit they don't know what their military is really doing? Has the Secret Gov become so BRAZEN they are try to prove someone is NOT A MEMBER OF AN ABOVE TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED LEVEL THAT SUPPOSEDLY DOES NOT EXIST ISN'T REAL? You do see the logic here right? Because in proving Brockbrader is not a member of some above top secret force simply proves that there IS an above top secret force. You see the problem?

Because Project Camelot has witness testimony from insiders proving such operations and secret forces do exist, they didn't dare name us in the lawsuit. And, I will bet they are not prepared to bait the Tiger in this case... There are far too many disaffected and downright angry ex-military out there who have served their country in the dark and been shoved to the side and in some cases discredited, tortured and killed for attempting to tell the truth. They are among us and basically you are betting they won't have the balls to stand up and be counted. If ever they do, watch out...

In fact, why not give them another opportunity (post the Steven Greer Disclosure Conference) to do just that: Project Camelot is prepared to put together a PRESS CONFERENCE of Whistleblowers that will prove the existence of a Secret Government and Secret Space Program that have been operational since the 1950s...
To all Whistleblowers from Black Projects... it's time to take a stand. "

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