Bitcoin Security FAQ and Best Practices 2014 w/ Will Pangman & Richard Grove BTC

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Is Bitcoin safe? How are you protected? Should I get some Bitcoins? These question and more are answered in this interview:

"Published on 17 Aug 2014
In this rare publicly available episode of Tragedy and Hope's Casual Cafe series (usually reserved for T&H subscribers), Richard Grove discusses Bitcoin (BTC) best practices and security Frequently Asked Questions with Bitcoin Maven, Will Pangman, who leads Richard through the steps to set up his first bitcoin wallet.

Topics included: Securing Passwords, Securing Email, 2-Factor Authentication (in BTC and Email), using BTC securely with smart devices, 2nd BTC password for spending, cold wallet storage, 1996 NSA Crytocurrency & e-coin paper (pre-Bitcoin & Blockchain), the differences between Centralized, Decentralized, Distributed, and Peer-to-Peer Architectures.

Links discussed in this episode:

1996 NSA Cryptocurrency article "How to Make a Mint"

Google Searches: KeePassX, LastPass, Tails (Linux), Authy, Google Authenticator

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