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Black lightning is a mysterious and yet unknown phenomenon that is sometimes said to occur before a lightning strike. Yet most people have reported witnessing the phenomenon on a clear day. The reports are scant and illusive. Observers report seeing mysterious black fissures in the sky that appear and then disappear with a loud thunderous clap- as if an inter-dimensional crack suddenly ruptured the sky. Could it be entirely paranormal? One hypothesis being suggested is that rare microscopic primordial black holes may occasionally streak through Earth’s atmosphere.

“One of the freakiest things I’ve ever heard of. I’m getting reports from all over the country that people are seeing in broad daylight, in clear blue skies, black lightning that tears through the sky, rips through it like the sky is cracked and then it goes away.” -Kathleen Keathing, Coast to Coast: George Noory / August 14, 2003

“The different kinds of lightning which have been successfully recorded by photography are- forked, or zigzagged, sheet, ball, beaded and black lightning. The last one is so designated because it appears black instead of white on the print. The question naturally arises- what is the reason, what is the explanation of this anomalous phenomenon? So far…a satisfactory answer has yet to be given. This phenomenon is apparently not common and hence, has received up to the present, very little attention.” -Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Dominion Observatory, Ottawa