Blossom Goodchild - So They Didnt Come (Transcript of her video)


Truth feeder
"TO LEADERS, GOVERNERS, POLITICIANS AND ALL PEOPLE OF EARTH ….We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies."

Blossom Goodchild is infamous for going public with her channelings from "Ashtar Command" and the message that began with the above sentence, that the Galactic Federation of Light would reveal themselves for three days.

They did not.

Understandably, Blossom, who I personally feel was acting in good faith with no intent to deceive people was utterly devastated.

On Oct 16th she posted a speech on YouTube that I have made a transcript of for you all to read here. I did that because I think it contains some powerful lessons, and contemplation of what that poor lady must have experienced when it all came crashing down just cannot be approached without feeling some compassion.

I cannot try to hard to put myself in her shoes, because if I genuinely get close to that zone of emotion that is forever written on the akashic record I become rapidly overwhelmed.

What this woman must have gone through is beyond expression.

So I made this transcript for you to read because, if you are interested, you may get something else from it over and above the video.

It is my hope that Blossom Goodchild realises that the suffering she took on in that time has made its mark, enabled the sighted to learn something vicariously, and was for the general betterment of our collective wisdom.

I checked it back to the youtube video quite carefully, but there still may be some small mistakes.


As the world clearly knows, my name is Blossom Goodchild. Today is the 16th of October and I believe the world is looking for an explanation, from me, as to why the Federation Of Light didn't show on the 14th of October as they had said.

I can't tell you.

Imagine your disappointment - all those who believed, put that all together and then you have got an inkling of how I feel.

I put the last 10 weeks of my life into getting that message out and I have no idea why they haven't shown. I am getting letters from people over the world of course, and some of them are so full of love and giving reasons why they didn't come.

Before the 14th, people wrote in with some very good excuses I could use should they not - or when - they didn't show !

I have no excuse. There is no excuse at all.

I apologise.... for raising hopes.

But then many people said I have raised hopes of love and bought people together and that they will come at another time.

I don't know.

I don't know what to make of this whole thing.

I really don't know why... I was made to put myself on the line like this - and end up being so humiliated. When all I did, I felt, was give that message out because it was my truth and I believed it myself.

I just need to put a few things straight. I closed my BlogSpot down because the abuse... I had two thousand comments on it just that day, and the abuse was too much. People are asking me in no uncertain terms to kill myself. So much love out there isn't there. Um regarding.... so... I shut it down... and when I start it up again.... I don't know what I am going to do now quite honestly.

Regarding making this a big money scam for me and it being a hoax. If it was a hoax, I was going to be found out. Anybody would know that, so what, would I be so stupid? I did it because I believed it. And for those who are writing to me saying well you have made your millions now and you have disappointed everybody, can I just say for the record, choose to believe it or not, I made about, in this ten weeks, I made about four thousand dollars - that's a lot of money isn't it? But remember, I have been writing these books for nine years for nothing. That four thousand doesn't even pay half of what it cost me to publish those books so as for making money out of this, that is not the fact.
I don't know what else I can possibly say. I don't know what channelers all over the world are saying. Some people are saying that they will come they just needed this to start raising the vibration.

They have asked 'Have I asked them - "Where are they?"' I've tried - but do you think I have much trust in that at this particular point? As to anything they would say to me, it would not cut it for me! They said they would be here on Oct 14th, and I asked over and over and they said they were already descended. Tell me what that thing is on Google Earth? I don't know. I don't know.

I put my trust, like many thousands of people did - into something that has not come about - and I for one, I don't know where to begin now. That's my truth.
What would the world have me say?

People said that I have bought love and raised the vibration just by putting that message out and having the courage to do so. I'd just like to tell you all, for me, now, to have to walk out of my front door, and indeed, say this video requires more courage than putting a letter out to the world saying that a ship was going to come, because, I feel I have been made an absolute fool of.

And people say, "Blossom don't be ridiculous", but that is how I feel.

I feel that by living in my light and my love and my truth I've been made to look the biggest fool and I feel very humiliated - and it will take a lot, a lot, to change that and for me to find out where I stand within all of this.

I thank all those people that are writing to me now and say "Chin-up" we love you Blossom, you did so much for the world, thank everybody for that.

But it also seems that so even more hate has derived from those that already hated - and all I can say is from where-ever place people can find it in their heart - we need to change this world ourselves.

So they didn't come!

So let's do it without them.

We can.

Let's show the world we can do it by ourselves.

I don't know what else to say. I won't be putting anything more on my website or my blog or anything indeed, for a while until I have sorted this one "conundrum" out for myself and know where I want to go in my life and what I need to do.

So, um, that's about it really. Let's try and make this world a better place. I still believe that there is love and light else-where. We cannot be the only ones. We cannot be.

So there we go, that's the end of that little thing isn't it. Ha, shame it was me, but there we go, it was and I did what I believe was right.

Thanks everybody, here is the message that you wanted me to say and the explanation, I am sorry I don't have an explanation and I don't have an answer.

Enjoy your life, because I know in the truth of my heart that love, really love to yourself and to each other is what makes the world go round.

So that's it. Thank you very much for taking the time to listen. Please find love in your heart.

Thank you.