Boy hit by meteorite

Fri Jun 12, 2009

Essen -- Gerrit Blank (14) is hit by a falling meteorite. The rock had a speed of nearly 50,000 km / pu.


Blank was on the way to school when he lichtbal saw come out of the sky. A red hot stone, not larger than a pea, schampte against his hand. Then landed on the ground, where a crater of nearly half a meter deep caused.

"It hurt when my hand touched the stone. Only a second later I heard a huge bang, like thunderstorms, sitting next to me. I had hours still suffer from my ears by the noise," says White in the Telegraph. The wound to his hand is now attached.

Scientists are studying the meteorite. Tests have shown that indeed a meteorite from space. "Very valuable for collectors and researchers," says scientist Ansgar Kortem. "Most meteorites reach the earth, not solve them in the atmosphere. Halen they do, it brings an average of about six of the seven water."

The German boy survived the attack meteorite matches, a probability of only 1 in a million. However, there have already been incidents. An American woman was in 1954 by a four-kilogram heavy meteorite hit while she was asleep. Also, in 1650 a monk have been in Milan. In Sweden in 1674 came two nautical Annen for when their boat was hit by a rock from space.

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