Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens

100th Monkey

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The European Commission plans to the behaviour of Internet users to monitor and curb on the basis of a mandatory electronic identification on the Internet. The technocrats increasingly see the Internet as a threat to the established order.

International and U.S. treaties as ACTA and CISPA were already in the news these conventions would allow the government to decide what is and what is not a free media like the Internet. The proposed compulsory identification is the next step in the direction of an internet Big Brother.

The new "Internet identity" would require all EU citizens to identify themselves before they access the Internet, online information and most online stores. The identity of every internet user remains so through an 'electronic signature' to always watch, and his behaviour subject to control of Europe.

EU wants Internet identity for all Europeans.

The proposal for the new law was launched a few days ago by the Digital Agenda Commissioner of Neelie Kroes. If approved, this could mean the end of freedom on the Internet and the beginning of a draconian and authoritarian policy of our behaviour and opinion increasingly to be restricted by the political elite.

The bureaucratization of the Internet begins in Europe, but territorial expansion into the U.S. and the substantial expansion to mandatory electronic seals, time and date stamps and more, are already in full preparation.

The attempt by politicians to take control of the internet occurs naturally in our own interest and that of the 'safety'. The proposal are even trying to win support by the blatant restriction of freedom to frame as a way to create "a genuine single European market".


Let me guess everybody just to accept it in Brussels because if they don't they will build to work or by food.