Canada: Don’t mention ‘child trafficking’


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Steve Finney, an anti-child trafficking activist, was assaulted and bloodied by Kitchner (Ontario) police and jailed illegally without charges on September 30, 2013. Finney is a leader of Kitchner-Waterloo office of the ITCCS and Common Law movement in Canada. Finney has confronted local police and government agencies for their child trafficking.

“Steve Finney and his wife Amy Smart, another vocal common law and Kanata activist, have already paid a price for their beliefs. Last month, their five year old daughter Amber was unlawfully seized by Childrens’ Aid Society (CAS) workers and kept away from both of her parents.

The CAS makes $100,000 for every child like Amber that they kidnap and place under “crown wardship”, resulting in a multi-billion dollar child trafficking industry that Steve and Amy have actively denounced with leaflets, placards and in-their-face confrontations with the “authorities”. And that activism has made them beloved by local residents, and hated by police and judges,” says ITCCS website.

In July 2013, Jewish professor Benjamin Levin (University of Toronto) was arrested on child porn charges. He is a father of three, and was named to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team in January 2013.

Professor Benjamin Perrin (University of British Columbia), author and founder of Canada’s The Future Group, in an article, titled ‘Sex trafficking: a national disgrace‘, published by daily The Globe and Mail, October 15, 2010, painted a very dark picture of child trafficking in Canada.

“Canada’s response to the trafficking nightmare, is disgraceful especially compared with other Western countries,” says Perrin.

In Canada, human trafficking was not even a criminal offence until 2005. When the United Nations recently asked Canada for statistics on arrests and convictions, Perrin reports that no one in Ottawa knew where to even start looking. So he himself dug up the numbers by canvassing police and justice officials across the country – and the results were pitiful.

Perrin also cite the case of a pimp from Ontario, who earned at least $400,000 from marketing one girl for sex, and got three years jail sentence – and that was harsh by Canadian standards. After his pretrial custody time was factored in, a Montreal man in 2008 got a week in jail, Another trafficker who claimed he had turned his life around by writing poems in jail while awaiting trial was sentenced to just one day.

The US State Department’s ‘Trafficking in Persons Report 2013‘, has described Canada as a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children trafficked into sexual servitude as well as other kinds of forced labour. The report also notes that Canadian women and girls are also victims of sex trafficking, adding that women and girls from aboriginal communities and minors from the child welfare system are “especially vulnerable”.

Many Ontario residents are not aware of the fact that many of their police officers, like NYPD officers, receive training in Israel. In February 2005, provincial pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups arranged a six-day trip to Israel for nearly 35 Chiefs of Police from Ontario’s largest cities and towns to explore Israeli police procedures, obtain information on anti-terrorism and security matters, and meet senior Israeli police and military officials. Read more here and here.

On March 23, 2008, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day, and his Israeli counterpart, signed a Declaration of Intent to “enhance cooperation in the area of public safety”. Stockwell has served on Board of Directors of Council on Jewish and Israel Affairs.

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The general picture painted about child trafficking and abuse is of a perverted sexual nature.
I don't buy false pictures.
What if there is something else driving all of this?????
What if, the life force , that is none visable is the desired ?
What if ??????
My post doesn't need any futher "elaboration". The post links at my blog say everything. Read and learn the truth - or hold your breath.

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