Chemtrail Fibers Raining On Phoenix, Arizona


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Some things I picked out:

"department of environmental quality" should be contacted. Absolutely they should. Even if they are in on it, if people, in mass amounts, contact them and complain, can get chemtrails of this nature to stop.

"that's why they get away with it, it's hard to see". Absolutely. She says in the video that you have to catch it with the sun in the right way in order to see it. So, if people can't see it, these bastards (for lack of better word at the moment), get away with doing it. They get away with dumping this harmful stuff on us day in and day out. Night and day they do it, hoping people won't notice, and if they do, so what, nothing can be done if it's only a few 'crackpots'.

Disturbing isn't the word for describing this. It goes far beyond mere "disturbing".

I agree that people should complain. Complain to as many people as you can. Especially the political leaders, news (even though severely controlled), any and every government agency possible, even if they have nothing to do with it.

I am very, very glad this woman took the time to show people what was, and may still be, happening there. I'm sure it's happening all over the place, not just in Phoenix, Arizona. The more videos that go up on youtube and other video sites the better. Get the word out.