Max Bliss Contacted by Chemtrail Whistle Blower

Truth Vibrations

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Published on Aug 4, 2013

Part 1:

Part 2:
Friends, I have been contacted by an anonymous insider of the covert Solar Radiation Program some call Geoengineering and others call CHEMTRAILS. They have shared what certainly appears to be genuine information that will vindicate the many " Conspiracy Theorists " often lampooned by the media and stonewalled with institutional denial. The sky has dramatically changed as the incremental program has increased to full visible operation. Jets can leave contrails, which should dissipate rapidly and not persist and expand into clouds blocking out the sun. The geoengineering public plan is to cool the planet by reflecting the suns rays by bouncing off the reflective nano particles of aluminium...& other toxins. ( if the block is not complete- acts as a blanket to trap heat in and warm up) here is a link to more info at*us-delicti-with-mr-max-bliss-and-the-che*mtrail-files/