Children Now, Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Children Now
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Children of Now.

Early seventies there were many children born who otherwise are. Children with a certain sensitivity and a goal in their life later reflected. Meanwhile, these children mature and it's time for a new generation of children to support. The new age children, indigo children, star children, crystal children .. it does not matter how they call it. They are here.
Children who are sensitive with them. Possess a wisdom that is more reminiscent than their age. Children who at birth to hear that she would look at an old opaatje appear if you look at and you immediately understand. About those kids with good talent and their own way of seeing is much written. These children need guidance to them. They change the perception of education, training, dealing with each other .. Welcome to today's children!

Sensitivity and talents.
Every child is unique. Each person is unique. Everyone has talents which he or she heard. It is all right. If you are sensitive and in a world that is not, you tend to protect yourself. You can dive, screaming about yourself or go to who you are. Remain the core of who you are and what you do is ... be yourself. That is not easy in a society where fear dominates and many reasons for people based on fear. But if you remain who you are and will continue to rely on the source of Love and Light that you are connected, it is good.
Many children are not only sensitive to signals that others send. Even their body reacts to foods and often severe external factors. Allergies, intolerances, asthma and skin problems are commonplace. It is in that many children a gift is revealed. Think of dyslexia, ADHD, PDD-NOS, ADD. I am talking about because everything is gift of nature in balance and not to man to decide whether something is bad or good. It belongs to a person. If everyone is unique in balance as he / she is.

Dealing with children is
Children Now allows you to assess value. They may be who they are and therefore appreciated. In working with children, I have noticed that a call out of respect and equality is very much appreciated by children.
What strikes me is that today's children have difficulty with self-creation of structures that are applicable. Maps cycles and help clear them. Because if the reason behind the rule is interpreted, the responsibility is shared. And who do they like .. their own responsibility! A child is aware and can thus function. A child is not working from good intentions.
In explaining tasks or things done 'must', it is convenient to assume that you have all three factors.

- What should be done?

- How should it be done?

- When should it be?

You can assume that any child with the best intentions to do what you ask but the child now has its necessary freedom to choose. So leave one open. Discuss with the child that you 'when' and 'what belongs to the child the opportunity to decide' how '.
You can probably now for why children now hang in the traditional educational system. Sometimes the child wants to change more than adapting the learning environment.
In the social area, the children can really be damaged if you are not good guides. Many children are anxious early age and have the idea that they can not. Give them time to learn! Give them time to develop their own way of learning experience and view.
And above each contact you with these beautiful children will have ... enjoy a wonderful world and be yourself!

With Love,

SterrenZee / Mieke