Choice Point 2012 - A New World Age,Not new world order
Friday, April 3, 2009

excerpt from "Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 And A New World Age" - Hay House 2009

Fact: December 21, 2012 marks the end of a long and mysterious time cycle - a Great World Age that began 5125 years ago!

Fact: The end of such cycles in the past cataclysmic shifts caused by the face of the Earth and entire civilizations have changed!

Fact: The forecasts for 2012 and thereafter will vary from a period of chaos and destruction to peace and cooperation Thousand Years!

What 2012 means for us today? The answer is as a message encrypted in an old time card!

We experience the end of time
Not the end of the world, but the end of a global era - a cycle of 5125 years - and the end of how the world during that time have known. The current world era began in 3114 BC. and will end in 2012 AD. Since the end of something always marks the beginning of what then is, we are also the beginning of what follows the end of time: the next world age, the old traditions have called for a major cycle.

From the epic verses of India's Mahabarata delivered to the oral traditions of native Americans and the Biblical story of Revelation, those who went before us knew that the end of the time would come. They knew that because it always is. Every 5125 years the Earth and our Solar System at a point on their journey through the heavens that marks the end of exactly such a cycle. To that end starts a new world era. Apparently it's always been. At least four such cycles (or five Mesoamericans according to the traditions of the Aztecs and Mayans) had our parents changed our terrestrial magnetic field, the climate, exhausting resources, and increasing sea levels associated with the end of time. The fact that they lived and could tell their story is a powerful testimony to one not to deny truth. It tells us without any doubt that the inhabitants of our world, the end of world times in the past have survived.

More than just our ancestors learned to survive the difficulties that could arise with the change. In the words of their time they did their best to tell us what it means to such an extraordinary moment in history made. It is good that they did, because such events are rare and are far apart. Only five generations, the past 26,000 years, the shift of world eras witnessed. We are in the the sixth.

The current world ends at a specific time, with a specific event on one day more than 2,000 years ago was marked. That date is no secret. The Maya who made it calculated as a final report for future generations. The date is engraved in stone monuments that were built to the end of time.

If the date is translated into our familiar time system, then the message is clear. It tells us that our present world age will end on the winter solstice which occurs on December 21 in the year 2012. It is on this day the mysterious Maya amazing astronomical events will mark the end of our era , and they did so more than two millennia ago.

What Does It?
What does such an extraordinary astrological moment for our present life? The truth is that no one knows with certainty. We can not know because no one who now lives in a direct experience of the last time when something happened. What we have are clear indications of what we can expect. We have facts. When the facts of modern science with the wisdom and the historical records of the past, we see a story that is almost unbelievable. It is the story of a journey - our journey - so long ago that more than 256 generations for millennia and five were needed to the end to come.

Now we are, we discover that the end is actually the beginning of a new journey. Perhaps visionary poet TS Eliot and the best the irony that the end is a beginning described: "We will not stop discover / and the end of all our discoveries / will return to where we started / and we will place for the first time know. "

Although the story of a shifting global era based on the motion of our planet through the stars like the plot of a StarTrek episode, the celestial calculations that our parents failed us surprisingly consistent with current scientific discoveries. All together they tell the same story. With that story, we suddenly have a new meaning for the biggest mysteries of our past, and the instructions that tell us what we can expect in our future.

Fortunately, our ancestors left us everything we need to meet the challenges of a world era to act. It is not just about cycles. It is our ability to recognize patterns and where we are within the cycles.

While quantum scientists tell us that we can never precisely predict the future, we may cyclical probabilities for the future. This is exactly what the existence of repetitive time cycles shows. Whenever a cycle repeats the general conditions that make something possible, and not an exact solution. As conditions in the atmosphere of the Earth can create the ideal circumstance for a tornado without actually forming cycle time can bring together all the circumstances which led to an event in the past, without that event will now repeat.

The key here is that the ingredients for a repeat are present and the fact that "perfect" is. However, the manner in which such conditions develop, is determined by the choices we make in life. The beauty of such an understanding that along with the moments in our time when we are ready for war, suffering and chaos, we are the moments in our future, we indicate which are ready for peace, success and stability.

Time Code 5: If we know at what point we are in a cycle, then we know what to expect when that point is repeated.

To know where our choices can have the greatest impact, the scales tilt in our favor when we complete the cycle that our well-being and ultimately our survival in balance means. And that's the beauty of fractal time. Because the rhythms and patterns of nature tell us exactly when the repetitive cycle of the past can expect, they tell us when we have the greatest opportunity for the painful and destructive patterns of the past to change - the choice points - the new cycles of life creation. Ω

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translated from English by Frank Hoogerbeets

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