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Sacramento Resident Christina George witnessed this UFO over Citrus Heights and makes claim that what she saw was a UFO and was not a plane, meteor or other natural phenomenon. She cannot explain what she saw and will never forget this incident.

The very first UFO that was ever seen in Sacramento was on November 17, 1896. An electric arc lamp was seen by hundreds of people as it passed over Sacramento, CA. In the next few months, these same type of lights were being reported all across America. People were seeing balls of light, air ships, light wheels and search lights coming from these strange craft. Most witnesses described seeing strange airships and please note, the first dirigible did not fly until 1900 in Germany.

On April 23, 2009, UFOs were seen in Elk Grove, CA, as seen in this video:

Perhaps Sacramento residents are actually seeing satellites, conventional aircraft, meteors or so on, but from the looks of things, we have a lot of believers out there.

As recently as 3/11/11, videographer John Shue filmed this UFO during the Super Moon: