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"Just because you assume or believe something to be true does not necessarily make it true." - Lady of Light


Beliefs are not truth. You can assume something and believe it, but no matter how much you want it to be true, you can't make it true; it either is or it isn't. Take this image for example. It was cropped from the original, but even if I had left the original it wouldn't change the light effect that was caught. By cropping this, it really does look like there may be some spacial anomaly going on above the houses and trees. I'm not even quite sure how it captured the way it is for the direction of where the light source was from. There is a street light off just to the right that I cropped out. To me, it looks as though there should be a light source where the "witch's hat" (that's what I'm calling it) is on the left because if you look well enough at the image there is more light (what looks like) coming off to the right in the same formation but spread further out much like what would happen with a flashlight. Obviously, from this image, things are not always as they seem and can be very deceiving, and if I didn't know better, I would "assume" and even maybe "believe" that I caught either a UFO or a space anomaly on camera while trying to capture the moon. It just goes to show you how things can be falsified and perceived to be something that they are not, and get people believing things that may not be true. This image is a wonderful example of that. If I wanted to be deceitful, I could try to pass it off as something else, but I've been saving it for the perfect caption. This one will do, for now. :)

I do believe this to just be a light effect that was caught with the camera, but I'm open to interpretation. Because of the direction of that "witch's hat", it does have me wondering however what that light is from. Although it looks like it SHOULD be the streetlight, the direction looks wrong to me for the shape. But, I'm far from being an expert and I stand at it's light and nothing more. I have the original if anyone wants to examine it. Not sure the date off hand (if necessary, I'll find out) but it was sometime last summer (late Summer 2012).


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There is limited information available from the photo. And, as you said, it's always a matter of interpretation. Now, what if that witch's hat were there despite there being no obvious source for it? What if it were there at all times of the day and night and no one could find anything to explain it? Does that make it true or untrue? Your discussion is more about intent rather than the actual event, isn't it?

I will give you an example of true or untrue and the "no matter how much you (want/don't want)" concept: I spent my childhood and youth looking for God and belief therein. I went to every church I could find for years and years looking for someone to convince me there was no God. In my young adulthood right up to about ten years ago, I was a staunch atheist. I could and did proudly proclaim that religion was stupid and that people who believed in the elusive Creator were fools of the highest order. But things started happening around me - things that had no explanation. Too many coincidences to call coincidence. Things...more things...still more things. Too many things to recount. Was this evidence of God or suchlike? At some point any rational, thinking person has to ask the question. Aliens? Those too. Ghosts.

Something had opened somewhere inside me. I could see and feel things. There was no "medical" explanation. Now I know. I understand. Creator? Yes, indeed. Aliens? Yes, indeed. Ghosts? Yes, indeed. All the rest? Yes, indeed.

Believe. Even if it's a flight of fancy, let yourself believe. Let yourself feel the magic around us all in this world, in this existence. It makes it richer and finer. Every moment is delicious and sensual. Feel it. Love it. Build it into what you want it to be. The only limits are the self-imposed limits by and of your own fear. Bravely believe in everything, all the time. It's all real.

Edit: My son sent me this link. It's relevant here too: http://imgur.com/a/qURmI
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When I first saw the caption on your picture I thought instantly of a conversation I had with my Dad when I was nine years old. He had just founded NICAP which was chartered to investigate sightings of things that people were calling " Flying Saucers" then so we talked about such things alot. I also had the odd position of knowing that Dad was working on things in his lab that flew without any noise, without any moving parts and were shaped like " discs".... so... the idea that such things existed for me was not a big reach.

Dad taught me something though about " observing " things that might be seen suddenly in the sky. He would have nodded at your picture and caption and would have reminded us that the question should be......" Look at this picture. What is it that you see?" Nothing more than that.... no matter WHAT you personally think that it is.... you MUST give that other person a chance to look at that.... and see what HE/SHE sees......

Of course Dad went further than that with me... He pointed toward a pasture once while we were on the road to Washington... " Look over there" he said " What do you see?" I responded that I saw a green tractor in the field. He said " Are you sure its a tractor?"

And of course my whole idea of the solidarity of my own reality went upside down. Sometimes what you see is NOT whats there.... and sometimes what is there is not seen by us!

Its' a complicated world when there is so much to learn!!! Linda
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I][/I]"Believe. Even if it's a flight of fancy, let yourself believe. Let yourself feel the magic around us all in this world, in this existence. It makes it richer and finer. Every moment is delicious and sensual. Feel it. Love it. Build it into what you want it to be. The only limits are the self-imposed limits by and of your own fear. Bravely believe in everything, all the time. It's all real.

Wonderful words......

Ever been to a stage production of " Peter Pan"?.... the truth bubbles to the surface there too when Tinkerbelles light is fading and the crowd is asked to " clap if you believe in fairies!" And you look around.... and full grown men and women are clapping and cheering.... and you realize that its because they feel that they can bring a stronger light to the world.... if they just simply BELIEVE.

Its doubt and fear that keeps our lights dim. Linda

Lady of Light

There are times when believing something is good and times when believing something is bad. There is nothing wrong with believing or disbelieving aliens, or some sort of god or creator, or flights of fancy as it were. But, there are times when someone believes something of a person that creates a belief about that person that is not at all true. Should then that person be hated and shunned based on an assumption or belief? No, I would think not.

I wasn't using this image as a way to discredit the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial life or anything paranormal. Please forgive if that was gotten out of it, however, yes, the image IS up for interpretation no matter what I say or what I personally get out of it or the intent I put into it, and that is something I have to accept.

I also (like in the other 2 posted at the same time) should have explained what I meant by the picture and caption instead of just going into the image itself. So, for that I apologize. It was late and I was tired and I guess I just wanted it up. But hey, look, it sparked a nice debate over it. :)

Always believe in the possibility of anything and everything, but don't assume and believe based on an assumption when you have the ability to challenge that assumption or belief. For example, I don't assume EVERY odd sound in the house is paranormal, yet I believe in the paranormal and those things take place in my home often. I first try to investigate to find out what the sound was and where it came from. When I can't find a logical reason for it, I for the time conclude that it must be my visitors again, but am always on alert for another answer. Again, believing, assuming, but open to other reasons for it. Sometimes in those situations, it IS paranormal, and sometimes it is not and the answer pops up at a later time. Maybe that wasn't the greatest example, but it's not a terrible one.

Now, when someone honestly and wholeheartedly believes something about you that is not even remotely true, and this information came from 1 mention of 1 thing in an open conversation about interesting things, assuming because you mentioned that thing that you believe IT and everything like it, I do have an issue with that. For example, I have had to disown a brother based on his assumption and belief over me being a "crazy conspiracy theorist that believes everything on the internets" which is unfounded. Rumas and I were having a conversation about chemtrails vs contrails and now all of a sudden I believe every conspiracy going, according to him. Of course, this is ridiculous and unfounded thinking and bias toward me and I have been ridiculed in public and my financial information and the fact that I homeschool my kids has been brought up several times. Oh, but not just that they are homeschooled, he makes sure he lets everyone know what he thinks (stated as fact) what and how I teach and that I'm not a good teacher and can't educate my kids properly.

I'm sure we've each had those experiences that people believe something about us that is not true but that person or those people will probably always still assume whatever it is they assume about us.

So, this "just because you assume it to be true doesn't make it true" actually came through while angry over that stuff, but the image was just a good example. Sorry if I offended, but offense is the responsibility of the person perceiving the statement.

However, back to just the image itself for a second, taking it for what it is, some people would try to pass that off as some sort of ufo or something without even trying to see where the light comes from, and that is also a point for that image with statement. Of course those things exist, but most instances are not caught with anything more than the eye.

I guess I should've picked a better picture, lol. :) Oh well. It gives something else to chat about. :)

Here's the original:


I guess I should have both the original and the captioned one side by side with another saying along the lines of "sometimes you need to take a step back to see the whole picture".

You need to look further into something before you go half-cocked into believing most things; Don't jump to conclusions; Even Timmy's cousin Jeff thought Lassie was fox and shot her only later to find out that he shot his own dog; Just because you assume it and or believe it, doesn't necessarily make it true. Sorry, but that streamed through at the last minute. :)

I'm sure I'll be back later with more, but for now, I have to be off.


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Did you see the link I added there? I think that's right on target with what you're saying.

My point wasn't what you believe or why you believe. We just need to believe as and what we choose and let others do the same without judgment or reservation of any sort. We all have contributions to make to others and we need to be free to both give and receive what life offers *without fear and reservation*! I understand completely your comments about having to disown relatives owing to excessive judgment, if for no other reason simply to have a bit of peace. Sometimes it has to be done, but always be sure it's done with a glad heart. Everything we think and do must be with the right intent.

I don't agree with your comment in red there though. I do believe that we can and should believe anything and everything as freely as we breathe. What shouldn't happen is the fearful reaction that followed, in your example - or any other. Never should fear motivate us in anything. If the example scenario there had followed that he chose to regard the "fox" from a respectful distance until he could determine the nature of the situation (hunger, curiosity, playfulness, etc.) then he wouldn't have made the mistake. Fear will always have a bad result.