CNN Catches UFO on film during Inauguration


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Clearly to be seen is a disk shaped object that flies with incredible speed from the right of the screen to the left. Just to prepare you: First you will see mister W- Blitzer and his fellow presenter talking about the message mr Obama had said. Then, you will see an overview with the Washington monument to the right.

The object becomes visible on 0:08 on the right side of the Washington Monument and moves within seconds to the left side of the screen. The object is in our opinion way to fast to be a plane or helicopter. No way it is a bird. Should it have been a plane, it must have been a fighter jet. And, was it a fighter jet there should have been a sound of the plane flying over at the speed it did. Maybe a security drone by the Government? Then why is it flying at the speed it does?

YouTube - UFO Fly Over the Inauguration of Barack Obama
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