Couple engaged Dec. 24, die Dec. 25

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A Utah County couple last seen on Christmas was found dead Monday in the mountains above Alpine.

Micah Glenn Huggard, 26, of American Fork, and his fiancee, Kassi Kyoung-Hee Kim, 27, were last seen on December 25 when they left to go off-roading in the mountains above Alpine. Their vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, was found in the Hog Hollow Trail area and had apparently fallen about 200 feet. Kyoung-Hee's body was found outside the vehicle.

"The vehicle crashed, then it rolled multiple times down the hill and it's about 200 feet down a very steep embankment," said Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff's office.

Cannon, a long-time friend of Huggard's, said a search and rescue team was called Sunday night after no one had heard from either party in 24 hours.

Huggard and Kim became engaged to be married on December 24.

"They'd been dating for about a year - a very happy couple. Real friendly, people loved being around them," Cannon said of Huggard and Kim.

Monday would have been Kim's 27th birthday.