[Update!] The last couple of weeks


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Well, my friend did get to see her dr. :) Our next door neighbor that is the ex-Marine is a very nice guy who has a four year old daughter and he served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Now the dr has agreed to perscribe help for her too. So, she's having a little more physical therapy, she needs to be able to move around things on the property like bushes and a very narrow side walk in front of the bush, and get a little stronger with her legs.They have assigned her a Social Worker hopefully better than the last one we had to try and help her out, the last Social Worker the hospital sent, couldn't even get the hospital to stop billing her for her stay.They turned her over to an attorney, once we wrote a letter to him and gave him a breakdown of the bills, well they wrote her off, we never heard from him again.

Now as to the apartment, Monday morning I went to get something out of the refrigerator, saw an adult roach crawling under the area of the butter dish. Called the property manager (I have a suspicion she's really the owner) the address we send the rent check to goes to an apartment complex not an office, and said we'd like a new refrigerator, I had also awhile back saw a baby roach in the refrigerator. Believe it or not she said no, if it weren't working she could give us one, so all they did was more spraying. This eveing I saw some baby baby roaches crawling on the outside of the sofa. Some lot of good the spraying did. The Roach queen ( previous next door neighbor) legacy lives on. She pays over$700 a month rent for this. :frown: We think the new land lord will probably raise her rent again, according to another neighbor, they're tightening they're belts, and he heard it on the fly they didn't even pay the whole thing for the laying of the piples for the plumbing.
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