Cymatics, Language & DNA


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discussion with Ben Stewart on the concept of Cymatics. What is it and how does it work? We talk about Shapes and the relationship to Sound, Language, the Hebrew Letter, the connection to the Nordic Rune scripture and "the first language". We move on to discuss DNA and how DNA can be influenced, affected and changed by words & thoughts. We talk about the microvolt of Brain and the Heart, Electromagnetic fields, Thoughts, Fear, Manipulation, Energy, Sickness, Parasites. We round things up to discuss the Quantum field, the importance of Darkness, facing your shadow, learning from your shadow, the internal, the feminine and how the Light Festivities around the world have been all about suppressing the darkness. Don't miss this excellent program. To listen to the first segment with Ben go here.

Cymatics, Language & DNA Pt. 4

Cymatics, Language & DNA Pt. 5

Cymatics, Language & DNA Pt. 6

Cymatics, Language & DNA Pt. 7