Danish Cops Prerpare ?Dog Kennel? for Copenhagen Protesters


Truth feeder
December 3, 2009

The following news article posted on the Ekstra Bladet website is translated from the Danish by Jens Angelsgaard, We Are Change, Denmark.

“The old buildings in Valby, which is intended to house the arrested protesters during the climateconference, bears all the hallmarks of a dog kennel.”

“346 people are to be held in the 37 cages in the old brewery storage facilities of world wide danish corporation Carlsberg.”


A screen capture from a Danish news report on the “dog kennel” for activists. Follow the link below to see the video (in Danish).

States Ekstra Bladet a newspaper under the Politikens Hus/JP publishing corporation – which houses editor-in-chiefs such as former Bilderberg steering comitee member Tøger Seidenfaden now Trilateral Comitee Executive member and bilderberger Flemming Rose – the world known initiator of the “Mohammed cartoon crises”.

Moreover the danish parliament Folketinget recently passed legeslation – which enables the police to conduct preemptive arrests on the sole assumption – that the person has criminal intend. The danish police states that carrying an ordinary scarf or headdress in a bag – is considered an evidence of criminal intend. This is a surprise to some – beacause of the generally cold danish winterweather.

In ending it is relevant to add that the danish police – as reported by Ekstra Bladet – has announced that they will stop and arrest all passangers on busses loaded with demonstraters as far as 350 km from Copenhagen. Demonstrators against “COP 15″ are called “climate thugs” throughout the danish mainstream media.

Today the danish police held a press event due to its first purchase ever of mobile watercanons.