Amazing new interview with David Icke:

10:28 - The new 'energy efficient' light bulbs contain mercury and not only that they are very bad for our health but listen to what happens if one of them brakes inside your house.

17:37 - David speaks of the hidden control behind the so called 'democracy'.
The secret societies are organised like a gigantic transnational corporation, but wisely hidden from our attention.

25:42 - How the corporations are taking over the farmlands all over the planet, in order to impose us their GMO products.

37:24 - David explains one more time the technique he calls: Problem - Reaction - Solution and puts it into perspective by correlating it to the current events (ex: the Libyan & Egyptian armed clashes).

40:45 - "We are stepping towards World War 3, in fact we are already in WW3, it's just not officially declared" - David Icke. Listen how everything will unfold and when it will be declared.

The House of Rothschild is the main orchestrator behind the Israeli events that are currently unfolding. (Click here to read the entire history of the House of Rothschild).

51:33 - The true reason behind the Libyan events - correlations to the NWO scheme of power.

More importantly, the gold reserves of the world, are actually NOT GOLD RESERVES at all!

David Icke: "Where is all the real gold gone?" - This is the PERFECT question for solving all the secrets behind our origins & true history.

If you are familiar with my 'Human (true) History' articles you will notice that I've also asked this question before. It seems that it's all about the gold. Where is this metal being sent to, for what purpose and more importantly by whom?

MUST READ article: The oldest Metropolis on Earth was built by the Anunnaki! Purpose: Gold Mining - More than 200,000 Years Ago!

55:37 - Aaron Russo and Nicholas Rockefeller: microchipping program and population control.

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