December 21, 2012 only 2 places are safe. Did you get your reservation yet?

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I think this is hog wash!!

Blue Energy Group claims only 2 places will be safe after Dec. 21, 2012

Turkey Izmir ,Sirince

France ,Bugarach.

"It was during the spring of 2011 that I began receiving messages direct from spirit. Prior to that all messages came through mediums and I had became wary of those because if the subject matter is not understood by the medium, the wrong interpretation of the message can be passed on. In consequence, I only quote them here when each has been repeated at least once and it fits in with information received from other sources."

Don Alejando Cirilo Perez Oxlaj is the leader of the Mayan Council of Elders and the Guatemalan Minister for Culture. In April 2008 during a meeting of 440 elders from many of the indigenous tribes around the world, he was voted to become their spokesman. All of these tribes have known about the prophecy for many thousands of years and wanted a trusted member to represent them as the time for change approaches. A second meeting in April 2009 gave approval for the prophecy to be made public.
Those who believe that disaster will strike on

21 December 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, have reinvigorated the town of Sirince in Izmir's Selcuk district. Each year the village usually sees a sharp downturn in tourism during the Christmas season but this year, because of the flow of those awaiting 'disaster', it's 100% full.

An organization known as "Blue Energy Group" thinks that only Sirince and Bugarach, a village in the south of France, will not be affected by the calamity. According to the group's belief, a (space) ship will come to Sirince and rescue all the people there, taking them to a safe place to avoid the disaster.

Engin Vatan, the owner of Mistik Konaklari (Mystic Mansions) in Sirince, said that "the demand for 2012 end-of-year reservations started at the beginning of the year. Foreigners from around the world are rushing here." The manager of Erdem Konaklari (Mansions of Virtue) in Sirince, Mustafa Yildirdi, added that "the number of tourists has increased. Most of our rooms have been sold."