Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

Lady of Light

On March 29th 2013 in the skies above Detroit Michigan was sighted a large black triangle "ship" of some sort. This UFO and others like it have been spotted for many years in many locations; this one seems to be the most recent and it hits home because as most of you already know, is not far away from where I live. There is a thread dedicated to the Detroit sighting here which shows news footage:

There are many questions linked to these sightings.
One of which is for the sighting in Detroit: Was/is this UFO linked to the "earth groaning" sounds that are speculated to be drilling that the people of nearby Windsor Ontario are hearing? Afterall, this particular sighting happened roughly 1 week after I made my latest post about those noises which can be found here:

What is going on out there? Are the 2 events connected? Hopefully, we'll soon find out, but for now, here is a place to speculate openly. Whether the UFO is our own or it is from some other planet I'm sure are some major concerns.

Linda, I think your sonar theory is a good one and should probably be explored further. :)

Immortalgeminii527, I'm sure you've got some major insights on this and I look forward to hearing them. :)

Everyone else, feel free to jump in with theories, insights, thoughts of any kind on the subject. Every little bit helps. :)

I'll leave it at this for now. The discussion is started. I think that's more important than me carrying on rambling, lol.


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I've also heard theories of underwater bases, how far is it from the lake, do you know? Then I guess mileage wouldn't make that much difference to beings who have come light years, would it? Perhaps there's a base around there somewhere under the waters. I've heard of some of those lakes being pretty deep.

Also some speculation as to whether there are any underground bases, I guess that would cover anywhere that has mountains.
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Lady of Light

I took a couple pictures from Google Earth to show location of Detroit relative to Windsor and where we are in relation to the Great Lakes. I don't know if that'll help you, but I'm hoping it gives a little more perspective to the thought process.

Distance Between Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge.jpg

Above is a picture of the Ambassador Bridge which spans the Detroit river which connects Windsor Ontario to Detroit Michigan. As you can see, it is less than half a mile in distance between the 2 cities.

Great Lakes - Detroit-Windsor.jpg

In this one above, is a shot of the Great Lakes with pinpoints of Detroit (green dot) and Windsor (red dot). This is to show location relative to the lakes themselves.

Now, I'm not sure where any of the underwater bases are that I've heard about, but I really wouldn't be shocked to find out there are some so close to home. I don't know what direction this thing was following but if it was following along the water, it could have easily gone from one lake to another and along the Detroit River which connects Lake Erie with Lake St. Clair. And, if these bases (assuming at this point that's what they are looking for) extend under the land as opposed to being right smack in the middle of the water, then they may have been looking for those using some sort of sonar slightly inland, I suppose. Even if this was "one of our own", it could still have been doing that exact same thing. Keeping in mind that anything is possible, it is a good theory. I'm sure there are many more good theories on it too, and I look forward to hearing them and discussing them. :)


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Thank you Lady of Light, that did help. :) That's pretty darn close. Wonder what they're here for exactly? I guess it could be possible it's an experimental, but they do sound pretty advanced too.
For thousands of years, the protocol of the triangle spaceship, when it comes to picking up their probes was to always dock inside the ship.

One day the government found one of there probes, and sent it back inside the space ship WHICH LED TO TROUBLING EVENTS.

Every since that day, we found out that they changed there protocol; from docking inside, to docking on the out side when called upon.

So therefore, I feel that this vidio is…Perfect !

Stage 1.Cloaked

Stage 2. 1 Engine turns on, the Second, and then the Third…. WHICH FORMS A TRIANGLE SHAPE CRAFT.

Stage 3. They call them.

Stage 4.Because the probes can cloak as well, ‘YOU START TO SEE THE Engines’ ’ turn on one by one, as all the children come home to mama.

We have basic rules and stages for these types of videos, and if it doesn’t follow theses simple stages, then it’s not even worth looking at, but this one is 3 out of 2million videos that looks like the real McCoy.

One probe fly’s very fast across land and water and really has no limitations to where you might find it. Theses probes are used by the triangle race, and on the other side, you have the reptilian probes. Theses probes will only be found near water, and no more then an half a mile away from water there probes mostly hovers over land and fly’s really slow.

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I am probably going to be slow on the uptake a little here Lady of Light but I wanted you to know that I appreciate having this set up so that when material becomes more clear to me, I will have a spot to post.

We mentioned the word Sonar. And following the way I research ( which is ODD. to say the very least) my mind immediately jumped to a fellow by the name of "Harry Hess." He was a companion of my Dad on a very early submarine expedition which was meant to explore gravitational " anomalies" on the sea bed around the Bahamas. Alot has been mentioned about that area as far as " oddities" but we will get back to that later.

Later Dr. Hess was encouraged to leave his sonar ranging on as he captained an attack vessel in World War II. The person who asked him to do this as sort of a " favor" was T. Townsend Brown. Leaving the sonars on in what was considered " deep water" led to the discovery of seabed " mountains" ( SeaMounts) and some other very interesting discoveries which Dr. Hess used later to expand his knowledge of " Plate Techtonics"

Bear with me.... its just a little back history.....

Dads friend became Rear Admiral Harry Hammond Hess. He is interesting to Google.

One of the things that he was intererested in during the 1957-1966 time frame was a deep underwater drilling Project called Mohole. For reasons probably well discussed it was abandoned without any sucessful report.....

But to get back to Sonar......and odd things in the sky.... and strange rumblings.

The ship in the sky.....the strange " moving sounds" and the idea that there may be some sort of deep tunnels under your area and in the Great Lakes.... all that is connected.... and the information is slowly being revealed. Its important right now to " collect the dots" because THEY WILL FORM A PATTERN soon and we will be able to see what is there.....


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Top Secret Black Triangle – Sighted in almost all parts of the world |

An interesting read. Just as you said Lady of Light... they have been seen for years in increasing numbers......

Those comments were made three years ago I think.... Isn't NIDS operated by the same man who bought up the data base for MUFON. Someone who is knowledgeable about all of this.... please speak up.... I at he moment know next to nothing.... but I hope that will change.

What amazes me is that everyone is so busy trying to see up observation posts to prove that these things exists when it boggles the mind that an out fit like the National Reconnaisance Office has so much hardware watching every little thing. Why isn't someone putting some pressure on THEM to tell us what these things are.... from their observation. If these things are extraterrestrial... they of all people should know it.

So " We Own the Night" fellas. Isn't it time to step us and tell us what you had better well know.... if you are doing your jobs properly. Linda

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What would happen if we happened to Google.... NRO and Black Triangle? Lets find out. I will be back later tonight. Linda

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I have had an interesting set of comments posted on my cosmic-token and would like to share them with you here in this Forum. We had been talking about the " Rumbling noises" that are sometimes heard where these big triangles are seen. When I mentioned the "passport system below I was referring to the way that Mikado has taken over the HUT and placed much of the content of the earlier and worthwhile conversations there behind a special " passport" requirement.

• View topic - BLACK TRIANGLE. Rumbling noise

"by Linda Brown » Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:29 pm

GMan.... I think that Mikado has hidden those particular posts behind his " special passport" system.... is there any way that we can re-establish that message somehow here? I do believe that part of Mikados move against me was to do exactly what he has managed to do there.... all of those worthwhile and important messages have been obscured and controlled now.....( I had contributed over 6000 messages to the Hut.... and they are all either hidden now or have been deleted....In the weeks following his takeover Mikado ( or someone) deleted over 2000 messages. You can tell by the total message count and how it dropped so suddenly.... I am not keeping track of the particulars over there because I am disgusted with the whole arrangement there and my time needs to be spent elsewhere.... but still.... there are messages that we all shared which were important and need to be restarted where they will see the light of day.... Can you transfer some? Giving proper credit to the Hut source of course. Or are you locked out too?

What did we all say about Black Triangles on the HUT? Can anyone contribute? Linda
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by G-Man » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:53 am

"Special Passport" indeed. Not an issue for this intrepid Web Warrior.

I jumped in with it on the "Levity" thread; the meeting was then moved to "On Plasma Technology". The Black Triangle (in particular the Black Triangle known as "Aurora" or "TR-3B" is claimed by one Edgar Fouché to be of Earth origin; but reverse-engineered from Alien Technology.

The craft is most notable for its Magnetic Field Disruptor (A field disruptor which operates on a magnetic basis rather than a disruptor of magnetic fields). It is claimed by Mr Fouché that said field disruptor attenuates the inertial response of the craft by almost 90%, along with anything else in the field, including the crew. This allows the craft to execute manoeuvres which would otherwise spread the pilot over the inside of the cockpit in a molecule-thick layer. The Illinois sightings video is worth a look at.

It's fair to say that the inertial attenuation system seems to be based on a certain interpretation of Einstein's efforts at a Unified Field Theory.

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Magnetic Field Disruptor ?????

Any more comments on what GMan has said above?

These were some of the comments " obscured" by Mikados actions on the Hut.... He replaced conversations like this.... with a distinct agenda of his own.....But we are back to the subject, which I think is proving to be important.

Thanks everybody for any input on what this Rumbling might be and any information that you find interesting about these massive black triangles. Linda

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And its interesting that GMan would mention " Plasma Technology" Because there has been an extremely important paper recently released about something that is being developed in a University.... Very much like " ball lightning".... which we were all told to pay attention to.... so this is a major improvement in our knowledge of the things that Dad wrote so much about......Its encouraging to see that the Universities are catching up.

More on this later.........Linda

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Something else GMan mentioned

"by G-Man » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:53 am

Black triangles are a large part of Ed Fouché's testimony. I recall that one of my opening posts at the Hut was related to this topic - more so to the technology described therein.

If they are one and the same then they are home-baked and have been spotted all over the world; Manchester UK, Holland, various US sightings including the Illinois sightings, which a TV production team recreated in CGI from the testimony of numerous witnesses including several police officers. Those of you without hamster-wheel powered internet should be able to locate the program on Youtube. The CGI recreation of the machine is shown in one section at a distance of about 100 yards from the police car and at a height of about 50 feet. It is utterly silent. It briefly crawls along like a ship to wharf before accelerating out of shot at a breathtaking rate

"Home baked?" I think so.... advanced and hidden from the rest of us? Yes... some of them.... but I am convinced that there is a whole class of these machines that can do more than just manifest themselves strangely in our dimension. I believe that there are SOME that can "pop in" and "pop out" of this time line and into another. And THIS is the technology that is being protected and obscured.

Just this one womans opinion.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown

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This is something I recently posted on the

I would love to see further conversations.

Wierd how he so particularly mentions the plasma balls of light too.... which seems to be an accompanying conversation.

One of Fouches quotes was that these balls of light seemed to be drawn to things that " went fast" so supersecret superfast aircraft would sure fit the bill.

Anybody else have opinions on Fouches words or reputation ? I have just gotten started " doing my homework" so I am sure that there is a whole lot to count ( and maybe discount!) Linda

by Linda Brown » Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:17 am

I guess that I have been living under a rock here in the desert. I had heard Fouches name just in passing and hadn't invested any time at all in his direction.

I have just read a paper that he presented at the UFO convention in Laughlin , Nevada several years ago. If you are interested in the black triangle please read his presentation here....

Secret Government Technology by Edgar Rothschild Fouche’

Many of the other Google hits seem to want to link him with hoaxes and liars.... BUT so far.... my first impression ( from what I have read here) is that the man is telling the truth.

What is your initial impression after reading the above?