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For the past 2-3 years I constantly have dreams about people I have never met in the conscious world. Sometimes they take the form of a story about the people that I seem to be watching like a movie. At other times, I participate in the dreams. For example, last night I dreamed that I was with a group of people who were running from authorities in a large, stadium type structure with many levels. We would run to each level where there were weapons such as swords, knives, guns (these were black powder flintlock type weapons), gather some weapons and then we would fight waves of these "authorities," some kind of police or military personnel. Toward the end of the dream, some sort of stealth fighter jet that was extremely fast was flying overhead and doing all sorts of aerobatics, then searching for us using infrared and other types of scans where they could sense our temperature but not actually see us.

Is it common to have dreams of people you have never met in the "real" world? I would very much appreciate if anyone can help me gain insight into these dreams and what they might mean, if anything. I read somewhere online that these types of dreams are linked to the coming earth changes and changes in society, but I'm not sure if this is true or not. Any help appreciated!
In short (as I am pressed for time at the moment), yes, dreams containing people you've never met are common, and what you are describing seem to be not dreams, but experiences. I will go into more detail when I have more time (most likely tomorrow).

Also, about them being linked to coming earth changes and society changes, yes, these things are also quite possible. Again, I will go into more detail when I have more time. :)

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A lot of times what happens when we sleep and “dream” we don’t actually dream. Since we are all tapped into a subconscious mind, if you will, we all have the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere and in any time, as well as reality or dimension and what have you. I call those “experiences”. This is generally referred to as the astral plane.

In those experiences, you can be an onlooker (usually as yourself), or you can be involved either as yourself or as someone else. This is where people tend to get confused and assume that it’s “just a dream”, but it’s not. You are you, but you are in control of another person.

This person you are in, may be in this reality, somewhere else on earth, or they can be in an alternate reality that is not happening here.

Sometimes there are scenarios where enough people are focused on something (use your write-up as an example) and so all together, in that subconscious group mind (astral plane), they all come together and a scenario is presented to them; this would be many people sharing the same “dream”. Of course, unless others record and report the “dream”, you can only assume that you are the only one who experienced it.

In some cases, whether you are you or someone else this alternate reality may indeed be a warning of things that might happen if things here are not changed; a sign to take action.

And yes, I do believe some of what you are experiencing is indeed because of changes taking place all over the globe with the earth itself as well as with society as a whole. Because we are all linked together on an energy level, and that link holds us in tune with the planet as well, every change affects us, but not everyone notices or even pays attention to the tidbits they are shown as a result.

From the experience you’ve stated, looking at it from a more analytic view to gain more insight, I would have to say it’s more of a warning to make sure you are prepared for things to come, whether or not it gets to that same point.

If you really want to know, with any “dream” what the point is, or how much of it was real, or not, you have to weed through it and eliminate any outside influences that seeped into it. Such as, things you just recently read that day, things you were just talking about or thinking about, something someone else said, things you saw, etc. That will give you more of a clue of what you’re dealing with, because even when you have experiences in your dreams, there will always be some of those influences that seep in there.

I hope this was helpful.

PS. If you haven't yet read it, I suggest: https://unhypnotize.com/channeling/...u-find-yourself-lady-light-may-23-2012-a.html