Edmonton couple missing nearly 4 weeks

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Police are looking for an Edmonton couple that has not been seen since Dec. 27.

Friends and co-workers became worried when Perry Kit Wong, 72 and his common-law wife Eloise Fendelet, 71, failed to return to work on Jan. 3.

They were last seen by friends two days after Christmas. The couple lives in the downtown area

They have their own dental business with staff members and it's out of character for them to be out of touch, said Const. Sean Jenkinson.

Friends began their own inquiries in an effort to find the couple, but called police after they exhausted all possibilities. Police listed Wong and Fendelet as missing on Tuesday

Wong and Fendelet like to travel, but police have no evidence the couple are doing so.

"We've explored that," Jenkinson said. "I don't think we would be here today if it was something that we truly had concrete evidence of, we'd be wanting to wait."

Wong and Fendelet are active individuals, said Const. Jim Gurney. "They work, they have friends, [they] socialize."

The couple's vehicles are accounted for and there's been no unusual activity on their bank or credit cards, he said.

"At the present time we haven't been able to come up with anything further as to where they may be right now," Gurney said.