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And now the Truth has arrived in Shanghai and Beijing! Following news last week of a UFO being the reason why Chongqing's airport had to divert flights, an unexplained mass event occurred at approximately 9pm on Saturday night in Shanghai. A 'huge white ball' flying 10.7km (35,100 feet) high in the air was reported to the East China Air Traffic Control Bureau by civil aviation pilots, and apparently grew 'bigger and bigger' as time passed.

A purported pilot on China Southern Airlines flight CZ6554 that flies the Shanghai-Changchun route weibbed an eyewitness account at 11:19pm on Saturday night:

On the evening of the 20th at 9pm, on flight number 6554 in the Shanghai area, I discovered at an altitude of 10,700 meters an enormous spherical glowing heavenly body, that grew in size from small to large. Going by rules of geometry, it was larger than the moon by several hundred times, with an estimated diameter of over 50 nautical miles. It faded away after 20 minutes, and was extremely shocking, with dozens of flight crews also reporting to Shanghai!
Not to be outdone, Eastday reports that Beijing residents, though skeptical, claim to have seen a spherical entity above their own skies on Saturday evening:

"The white round bubble appears in the sky and then expanded quickly, until it disappeared five minutes later," said Yu Jun, a former editor of a scientific magazine and amateur astronomer who took pictures of the object.
"I believe the glowing bubble is not just a natural astronomical phenomenon, but is a phenomenon occurring around Earth, perhaps in the upper atmosphere, caused by the launching of rockets or satellites," said Yu.

Rockets or satellites, you say? Well, now that's certainly reassuring. We'd certainly prefer that over those wrinkly-faced kids summoning Akira and destroying all of Tokyo with their psychokinetic force-field. Or, uh, destroying all of Shanghai and Beijing, for that matter.