European think tank: World political system falls apart at the end of 2009 Thursday


European think tank: World political system falls apart at the end of 2009
Thursday, February 19, 2009

The leading European Think Tank Europe2020, where we already articles about places, is only clouded the future of the world. The inability of the political leaders of the world to the current economic crisis at the root of problems, as evidenced by the fact that the effects are contested and not the causes, the crisis spread to global geopolitical situation. According to the current E2020 (geo-) political system of the world in the last quarter of 2009 are beginning to fall, with a huge konsekwenties for the U.S., Europe, China, Russia and Japan.

This leading shocking phase of the global systemic crisis is caused by two parallel processes:
1. The disappearance of the global financial basis (dollar & debt)
2. Fragmentation of interests of the major world players and power blocks.

These processes will also be two parallel effects:

1. The rapid disintegration of the total current international system.
2. Strategic dislocation of large global players.
The thinktank expresses disappointment over the fact that the current world financial and economic crisis have not used the correct conclusions, namely that the global system such as that at the end of the Second World War came, from each other is falling.
At this stage it is E2020 unfortunately no longer possible to be optimistic about the future. Both in the U.S., Europe, China, Russia and Japan, the leaders persist in their policy, based on the idea that the world system is only a temporary blow has been, and just a lot of new fuel (money) and a few other ingredients (interest rates, bailouts, buying up 'toxic assets') need to re-boot.
The fact is that the entire global system, both economically and politically, is disrupted, no longer works. According to the think tank, a whole new system built, because the current legacy system is no longer survive.
The necessary process to build a new system will be hard and painful. The whole system will be first split up, with tragic consequences for several large global players, including Europe.
According E2020 is only a very small chance for this scenario to occur. This moment occurs during the G20 summit in April 2009. This conference offers the very likely possibility still good choices. If not, then right after both the U.S. and Great Britain go bankrupt.
The result will be that America and Great Britain will lose the ability to control events. The same applies to the citizens in these countries. Then it is inevitable that the world is a stage comparable to a rudderless ship. The geopolitical system will begin to fall apart. At the end of this process will be the world including in the Europe of 1913 seem, on the world in 2007.
The current states, including the powerful, still do not realize that they have caused their own downfall. It is high time that ordinary people and politicians in America, Europe, Russia and China have started to prepare for very difficult times, with all parts of society as we know it, will set, and either temporary or permanent, will disappear.
The final collapse of the global financial system, beginning with the bankruptcy of the U.S., we put in earlier bulletins already in or just before the summer of 2009. Then indeed the U.S. dollar and all dollar-related belongings into each fund. This will increase confidence in all of world paper money disappear.
E2020 claims that the most "imperialist" political entities (states and power blocks) the worst of them will suffer from the disintegration of the global system. The territorial integrity of some states will even undermined, and their global influence. One result is that some countries will lose their protection, and regional chaos will be paid.

Source: xander news