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Well another dot to connect, to to many dots going on now. I know I probably missed quite a few dots. Sometimes there is so much going on, its hard to keep up with everything. Sometimes I think I should look at the minor stuff to try to figure it out,but as it was meant to do, the bigger stuff attracts. Even me who should know better.

But the MSM fail to report the real news and continue to press their viewpoints and fluff pieces, in effort to precondition the masses as to "Everything's going to be all right.

Extreme Conditions Threaten Power Grid | Energy

by Jeff Montgomery and

Dan D'Ambrosio

Winter storms, chains of heat waves and late June’s “super derecho” — a thunderstorm with straight-line winds that snapped electrical transmission towers and shredded power poles — have forced the climate change issue and electric supply vulnerability to the top of an already-daunting list of blackout triggers. Those threats range from computer-hacking cyber terrorists to solar flares, utility mistakes and plain bad luck.

Regulators in the U.S. hope to avoid the kind of cascading grid failure that hit India in late July, leaving some 600 million — 10 percent of the world’s population — without power. Miners were trapped underground. Trains shut down. Unimaginable traffic snarls popped up across the country. And India’s image as a rising economic power was cast in darkness. A major blackout in hyper-wired America would also have crippling consequences, with some experts predicting economic losses of up to $180 billion.

Again I ask what are we going to be gobsmacked with?