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With so many reports of UFOs in farm country, what is the real reason the feds want to drive farmers off their land into the cities. Could it be that aliens have targeted our agriculture resources?

What better way to defeat a species than manipulate its food supply?

South American farmers reported contact with UFOs in Chile, Brazil and Columbia in 2009.

Real UFO contacted farmers in Chile, Brazil and women in Colombia

July 29, 2009

Real UFO contacted farmers in Chile,Brazil and women in Colombia

Two farmers and one women in three different countries were contacted by Real UFOS.

A series of reports from around the world note attacks on sheep and cattle. British farmers observed UFOs using frightening laser technology to burn out the eyes of sheep and cattle, and remove their organs..

Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light from UFOs.

They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky.

They have found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed. Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh “carefully stripped away”, usually on the left side.

Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent almost a decade investigating how the livestock have died, said the UFOs were found to have roamed a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys.

Mr Hoyle and 15 members of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, claimed they witnessed UFOs at work last month while working during the night at a Welsh hill farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening,” he told The Sun. MORE

What is going on? Is it an actual attack on Earth's agricultural resources? A decade ago, Greek farmers said UFO's were damaging their crops.

UFOs are destroying the plains of fertile central Greece, according to farmers who claim to have spotted alien aircraft landing in their fields. After a visit by a "strange flying saucer" this week, one angry farmer in
the Koziakas area said he had lost several dozen hectares of wheat. "This huge circular flying object just floated down from the skies on to my field," said Athanassios Tsioukas from the village of Prini. "Its surface was full of small holes."

The farmer found the close encounter so unnerving that he rushed to the local coffee shop to alert his friends. "When we got back to the field the aliens had gone," he sighed. "But their machine had left all these holes in the soil, some as deep as 20cm, which had cut into my crops."

Mr Tsioukas is not alone. Numerous farmers in the region have complained of unidentified flying objects leaving strange markings across their fields, although there is no suggestion that the unexplained designs are crop circles of the kind seen in Britain.

Nevada had a massive outbreak of UFO sitings in one of the most isolated parts of the state

White Pine UFO Nevada News Report Nov 19, 2009


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Sounds to me like it's a fake event (that is, not alien ufos). Setup as a way to gain even tighter controls over us with our food sources. Gee, go figure, monsanto (monsatan as Rosanne Bar calls it) trying to kill us with their GMO foods and not allowing us to have anything that Nature has to offer. Control, control, control, and more control.