FDA Approves An Ingestible Digital Sensor to Monitor Our "Health"

100th Monkey

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This is not good:

Proteus Digital Health has just received FDA approval to market an ingestible digital sensor the size of a grain of sand that can fit inside a pill. It will broadcast health data to a patch on the skin that in turn broadcasts it to a cell phone application...and presumably on to our doctor.

What data does it pick up? Currently, it tells what time and at what rate we take our medication, for compliance purposes. (The article doesn't touch on what happens in the case of non-compliance and who enforces it.) That's not all.

"Proteus says its integrated "feedback" system is also designed to collect a range of other measurements, such as for heart rate, body position and activity."

How about body location? Everyone knows there is a connection between location and health, right?!

I can only imagine what brilliant idea Proteus will come up with next. Oh, maybe a central health data monitoring facility that will handle the extra data processing workload this new technology will produce—all for convenience of the 'doctor,' (wink! wink!) of course. The ingestible sensor is already approved for use in Europe, so maybe the Center will one day serve the entire world from one location!

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