[Attention] Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain


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It was a dumb idea to connect ourselves to these countries the way we have financially, but it was most probably a prelude to the NWO. Getting people prepared to accept a global economy. Whatever, first Greece and now Spain. It'll unfortunately affect us all as we're in too deep.

If they'd leave us alone with no money and perhaps that would be a better system. Unfortunate that it seems your average elitist never has enough money. Then they probably want the RFID's next thing you know, after everythings destroyed.

Wonder how we'll fare if this happens here? Things are not as good as the MSM like to tell us.


In July, Spaniards withdrew a record 75 billion euros, or $94 billion, from their banks — an amount equal to 7 percent of the country’s overall economic output — as doubts grew about the durability of Spain’s financial system.