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by Amitakh Stanford (D.M.)
April 2004
from XeeATwelve Website

The debate has been raging about the Anunnaki - not whether they exist - nor whether they have been to Earth - as the evidence of them being here is so overwhelming that non-acceptance of Anunnaki presence on Earth is only for those in denial of the truth.

The debate is whether they are still here today.

For years, much of the focus on investigating the Anunnaki has fallen upon the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, who has presented many theories, but also some hard facts.

As any who have read my Nibiru and the Anunnaki can see, I agree with Sitchin on a few points such as the Anunnaki invaded the Earth, enslaved humans, and forced them to build huge temples and other structures for the Anunnaki pleasures. Likewise I agreed that the Anunnaki have carried out extensive genetic engineering on this planet.

However, in the same article, I disagreed with Sitchin on many major points, such as:

the Anunnaki being from a planet of our solar system
that there is a 12th planet in a huge elliptical orbit of our sun
that the Anunnaki came here to mine physical gold to build a shield for their ailing planet
that their planet which has been called Nibiru is extant we VEHEMENTLY disagree on
WHY Sumer was dropped onto the Earth as a super culture
I am in total disagreement with Sitchin about the destruction of Atlantis
he does not even acknowledge the difference between Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth, and those remaining on Earth which I called the Anunnaki Remnants, which are dominated by Ducaz and Pers-sires, etc.

I also stated that the home star or sun of the Anunnaki is called ZA-OS and that their home planet, which will be called Nibiru for purposes of this writing, orbited ZA-OS. Their home planet and ZA-OS, which are foreign to our solar system, have been destroyed. Neither exists. In other words, Nibiru will never again come near the Earth or our solar system because it no longer exists.

Sitchin poses the question: Are the Anunnaki still on Earth? This, I will answer herein with a resounding yes.

A brief look at some very obvious evidence in existence today will show that indeed aliens have been on Earth. The aliens are primarily Anunnaki, who came to Earth for conquest of it. Their planet was destroyed, and they wanted another base.

The two major Anunnaki groups that came to Earth are known as the Reptilians and the Vulturites (a term I coined for this particular group of aliens).

The Reptilian Anunnaki are known by the Attas as the Ducaz

The Vulturite Anunnaki are known by the Attas as Pers-sires

The Vulturites and the Reptilians are bitter enemies, and they are still waging horrific wars on Earth, using humans as their cannon fodder

The third largest group of Anunnaki are known to the Attas as the Masa-karas.

They have two main bases on Earth. There is a concentration of Masa-karas based in central Germany, although many of this group have immigrated to Australia over the last decade. Many other groups of aliens are also starting to migrate to Australia. Eventually, Australia will be one of the world’s main alien centers.

The Masa-karas have been constantly intimidated by Ducaz and Pers-sires who have bases in Germany, so the Masa-karas began moving to Australia. Masa-karas use many clones, but they can also take over existing human bodies. After centuries of resistance, the Masa-karas have finally succumbed to the control of the Ducaz.

The Anunnaki have forced humans to build huge structures such as the pyramids in Egypt and the Americas, huge statues like those found on Pacific Islands, and huge runways and identification monuments for crafts visible to observers from the air etc. Many of these items had to have been designed by advanced cultures.

Engineers today marvel at the feat of the great pyramids and wonder whether we have the technology today to construct them. Obviously, a group of highly advanced beings were responsible for the pyramids. And, more obviously, many humans were enslaved and forced to build them. Many stories say that Jewish people were the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids. However, there were not enough Jews to do so, nor were there known to be Jews in the Americas or the Pacific Islands during the construction periods; the Anunnaki Elite responsible for building these vast structures enslaved many races and peoples.

Back to the question of whether the Anunnaki are still on Earth, the signs of their presence are manifold. Those of the Attas connection all see through the Anunnaki façade.

The major issue is that of slavery - the Anunnaki are slavers - they enslave all who they conquer. They conquered Earth and enslaved it and all its inhabitants.

Before the Anunnaki came to Earth, there was no slavery. The Anunnaki taught it to the humans. But, if the Anunnaki were to leave the Earth, eventually the humans would return to their natural state, which is without wars and without slavery. The fact that wars and slavery continue, in and of itself, is glaring proof that the Anunnaki are still on the planet. Of course, slavery need not be forced servitude, as the Anunnaki have designed many other forms of enslavements using tools such as money, usury, and police power. These tools are used to divide the "haves" from the "have-nots", the rich and the poor, the fortunates and the unfortunates etc.

The Anunnaki control religion and education and make certain that true knowledge is very difficult to acquire or impart. They use propaganda and disinformation to confuse, program and control the people they enslave. It is important that misinformation and disinformation are mixed with enough truth to fool people, otherwise, they would be useless tools. Religious inquisitions show just how thoroughly ignorance was once imposed upon the people. Today, such inquisitions are accomplished more subtly by skeptics and disinformation agents who use tools like scorn and ridicule. Further, those who dare to go against the system are persecuted.

Many have said that the human condition is explained away by human greed. Adam Smith, an Anunnaki, even dared to say in The Wealth of Nations that everyone’s greed leads to everyone’s good! This is one of the many lies that the Anunnaki spread, and it is the foundation of what we call "capitalism" today. However, the human condition is NOT caused by human greed, it is caused by Anunnaki enslavement agenda. If the Anunnaki were removed from the Earth today, tomorrow would be much brighter.

The Anunnaki have elevated the value of gold and silver. They use these and other precious metals to manipulate prices of goods, appeal to people’s vanity, and often use them as the basis of money systems. Many believe that gold and silver are the only true money today. In times of struggle, people tend to invest in gold and silver. However, the Anunnaki invented money to help them enslave the people. Gold and silver are used by the Anunnaki to make their contrived money systems appear to have sound foundations.

The Anunnaki have developed tax systems which keep the rich and poor blatantly separated and segregated. The rich feel superior to the poor and the poor feel inferior to the rich. Hence there is a crevice which divides the upper and lower classes. The Anunnaki do not want any real middle class. They want the poor to be poorer and the rich to be richer and richer.

One of the ways that this is being accomplished is via the tax system in the capitalistic countries. However, class separation is also being done in socialist and communist countries. The social/economic classes are clearly divided in all Anunnaki-influenced cultures. Under the current situation, the poor are literally put into a "poor box" that they cannot get out of short of winning a lottery, inheriting something or acquiring money or fortune via some other means. Often those other means are very shadowy means.

The rich, on the other hand, are getting richer under the tax systems.

The Anunnaki have created class systems for their benefit, and in the most serious of cases, they have created castes. The Anunnaki have made the Earth a hedonistic hellhole, which suits them fine. However, they have created an illusion of things being pleasant here when in fact, all life on the planet suffers tremendously under Anunnaki tyranny.

The Anunnaki thrive on energy of people via the emotional bodies of those beings. To extract this energy, the Anunnaki create wars, conflicts, factions, religions, racial hatred, national boundaries, class systems, sporting events etc. They also impose drugs, sex, and paedophilia on the people, while also promoting cruelty to humans, animals and nature. These are NOT human traits - they are Anunnaki forced characteristics that are programmed into the consciousnesses of the people on Earth.

The Anunnaki Remnants are walking around on Earth today in human bodies and some of them are seen regularly on the network news. They include many of the ruling elite and otherwise powerfully placed people on this planet. Some of the ruling elite are aware of their Anunnaki connections, while most are not.

The Anunnaki Remnants, which included Ducaz, Pers-sires, Masa-karas and other smaller groups, like all consciousnesses on the Earth, re-incarnate again and again. When Anunnaki die in the physical, they reside in the astral until such time that they re-incarnate again. The Anunnaki Elite fled this plane and cannot return because the Attas have blocked their re-entry. However, the Anunnaki Remnants cannot leave this plane because the Attas have sealed all their escape routes.

Slavery is the mainstay of the Anunnaki. It can be seen throughout history. The British were exporting it all around the world. The Attas were very involved in the American Revolution, and there were two main fronts. First, the Attas were trying to break the shackles of the British tyranny over the American colonists. The British were the chief Anunnaki agents at that time, which is why they ruled the world.

By breaking the bonds of tyranny of the British rule, the American Revolution went a long way to dissipating the British hold on the world. Over time, after the American Independence from the British, the United Kingdom was forced to release its iron grip on Canada, India, Australia and other nations it controlled.

The second front was to break Anunnaki hold on many institutions in America. The most important was to allow freedom of religion. Thomas Jefferson introduced A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom into the Virginia House in 1777, which took almost a decade to get passed. That bill was the foundation of America’s First Amendment protections of religious practices and insured there would be no religious inquisitions in America.

Also in the second front was an attempt to abolish slavery in America. The British had firmly entrenched the American economy and culture with slavery. The Anunnaki slaving control in the American Colonies was so strong that even the later adopted Constitution sanctified slavery and shamelessly protected it. In other words, the Constitution of the United States of America is fundamentally an Anunnaki-sponsored instrument.

The Bill of Rights, would probably never have come into existence except Jefferson’s strenuous insistence upon it, was the saving grace of that document.

Despite the valiant efforts of abolitionists like Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, slavery remained in the United States. Only with great daring and through a civil war was the Anunnaki-influenced constitutional protection of slavery busted. Abraham Lincoln, an Attas of the Light, dared to challenge the Constitution’s insane authorization of slavery and ejected that vile institution from America.

Today, slavery still exists and is flourishing in many countries in the Western and Eastern world. This can be seen in child labour situations, forced labour, and especially in the sex industry, most especially in third-world countries. The most vulnerable to exploitation are women and children of the poorer classes. This is an Anunnaki exploitative trait.

The Anunnaki are male chauvinists with devious sexual fetishes. They are murderous and dishonest, and harbour deep resentment for the female gender, and especially for the Divine Mother. The Anunnaki attempted to eliminate all worship and acknowledgement of the Divine Mother, but the roots of this practice were so deeply imbedded in the psyche of the earthlings that the Anunnaki have been forced to tolerate acknowledgement of the Divine Mother by the inhabitants of the Earth.

Other traits of the wicked, bloodthirsty, and conquering Anunnaki include gambling and squabbling. They are also cannibalistic and reports today show this trait is clearly on the increase, as is paedophilia, and wanton physical and sexual abuse.

Genetic engineering has been quietly practiced on this planet for a long time. I have discussed this extensively in other writings over the years. Today, genetic engineering is no longer a secret. It is publicly acknowledged that plants, animals and humans are being genetically manipulated and cloned. However, the vast extent of this activity is being hidden from the public eye.

The Anunnaki run a war economy, and real peace is never considered by them. They waste resources to keep people enslaved. They usurp all surpluses for their own gratification.

The Anunnaki are behind the New World Order, which has been planned for a long time. The industrial revolution was planned by Anunnaki, not to improve the lives of the masses, but to trap them with desires and dissatisfaction so that people can easily forget about spiritual existence. Besides it altered lifestyles and confused people, and moreover, it afforded items of material comfort for the ruling elite.

Also, it was necessary for this stage of the Anunnaki plan to have a major scientific revolution so there would be aircraft, bombs, mass media control etc.

Before the industrial revolution, technological advancements were literally at a standstill for untold centuries. This allowed them to better enslave and control the people. The Anunnaki needed the advanced technology to finalize their plans to totally enslave the inhabitants on Earth with the NWO under a single power with a single police force.

With technological advancements, identification, classification, tracking and profiling of all the people is now possible. In America, without a credit card, it is almost impossible to hire a rental car; without a social security card, it is also almost impossible to open a bank account. Since the incident of 11th September 2001, many countries are imposing serious restraints on travel and forcing identification procedures on their people, including fingerprinting, retinal tracking, DNA sampling etc. DNA sampling is currently being carried out in many forms without the knowledge of the people in most instances.

The NWO plan has been imposed upon many other planets in the past, and it is the basic conquest plan of the Anunnaki for every planet they conquer. The Anunnaki Remnants have had great difficulty in getting the NWO accomplished quickly because the Attas have been disrupting the Anunnaki plans and the Anunnaki Remnants lack the assistance from the Anunnaki Elite.

The NWO is being imposed by the ruling elite, who many call Zionists. Some people think that all Jews are Zionists, which is not correct. Not all Jews are Zionists, nor are all Zionists Jews. Zionists can come in any type of body or gender for purposes of effecting the NWO. They can be of any nationality, race, creed, career or religion.

Many people think that America is going to be the NWO’s police force. For a while, this will appear to be so. However, when considering the Anunnaki plan for the NWO, one must always keep in mind that the Pers-sires and the Ducaz are fighting amongst themselves for supremacy. In fact, the long-standing struggle between those two factions is nearly over.

The Ducaz have the upper hand, and they have temporarily retreated and allowed the Pers-sires to be very active and tricked them into doing much of the dirty work in bringing about the final implementation of the NWO. When it happens, the Ducaz plan to take full control of the world and the Pers-sires will be eliminated or be subjected to them.

Under the plan, when the Ducaz take full control, the tyranny will be absolute on the planet.

It is these horrible beings, the Anunnaki, that Sitchin has written an apology for. Reading Sitchin’s material, he has painted these evil aliens as palatably as possible by presenting the story that they are trying to save their own planet, and leaves the readers to believe that after that is accomplished, they would leave without a trace, so to speak. But, the Anunnaki came here to conquer and enslave, not for any worthy purpose whatsoever, nor will they leave voluntarily.

Anunnaki cull people and other species from the planet. Before, this was often referred to as genocide. However, today the more euphemistic term of "ethnic cleansing" is used. The disdain of other races is another vile Anunnaki-sponsored trait to divide people into factions and create hatred and distrust of one another. Any fair look at history will verify this as true. The twentieth-century Holocaust is one such example.

For whatever reason, Sitchin’s treatment of the Anunnaki comes across as propaganda for the evil, conquering aliens. This is akin to the apologists who protect those responsible for the Nazi Holocaust.

While Zionist propaganda has egregiously inflated the number of people (which included not only Jews, but also Gypsies, Germans, Poles etc.) who were murdered, worked to death, or starved by the Nazis, there is no denying that indeed a horrible thing occurred. In my opinion, Sitchin is an Anunnaki apologist. His writings which come across as protecting and mitigating the Anunnaki history do a great disservice to humankind - just as those who deny the Holocaust ever occurred do a great disservice to truth.

Esoterically speaking, the entities responsible for maintaining the financial system on Earth are also being abused and enslaved by the Anunnaki. Fortunately, like the being called "Time", these money entities will soon be liberated. This is known because the Attas are from the future and they have nearly completed the mission of removing the Anunnaki from the Earth, but until it is fully accomplished, the Anunnaki plan for the NWO will appear to progress.

The Attas have already restricted the return of the Anunnaki Elite; they cannot return to Earth. The Anunnaki Remnants are floundering without the support of the Anunnaki Elite. This is one of the reasons why it has taken them so long to implement the NWO. They have no escape and their fate is sealed.

It has taken a long, long time to break the Anunnaki’s inertia on the planet which has enslaved and trapped not only the people, but also all consciousness in the physical and the astral, including even the "soul" of the Earth. Liberation from Darkness is at hand. The Rescuers and the Trawlers of the Light with their courageous team of Light workers will soon liberate the True-Light beings from the enslavement by the agents of Darkness - the Anunnaki.

The more people awaken to the nefarious plan of Darkness, the quicker will it dissipate.
Replace Anunnaki with Illuminati, it seems there is no difference! they have a great secrete that NO one will ever believe!
Replace Anunnaki with Illuminati, it seems there is no difference! they have a great secrete that NO one will ever believe!

Yes, for the sake of the article, that works out great. However, I have a problem with the article, in that, this guy is grouping all of the "illuminati" into one large group of 1 alien race. That one, I don't agree with. I think there are a number of beings from a number of planets, yes, the annunaki being just 1 of them, here on this earth right now. A vast majority, i'm sure, are what we call the illuminati, however, there are many other alien races here with us that are good and not here to harm us in any way.

I didn't read the whole article, it's long and I got bored, but I think I got the gist of it. The "slave-driver" race(s), whoever they may be, are using all the forms of slavery mentioned above. I just feel that the article writer is wrong in his grouping of all these beings as being that of the Annunaki, from Nibiru. And as for Nibiru being destroyed, well, that very well may be, but there's no proof of that, so no facts on that one.

Great article, great points made, but also some very questionable issues; and I can't agree with the questionable stuff just like that. I want some proof on that.