Finkelstein: No gains for Palestinians at the ‘Talks’


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American academic, author and human rights activist, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, in a recent interview with Abbe Martin of Russian Television (RT) said Palestinians would never achieve anything by having negotiations with Israelis. He said they have to force Israelis to accept their demands. In other words, Finkelstein was telling the Palestinian that the only way they can bring Israelis to their senses – is by an armed resistance.

“I’m an athiest but I do believe that God helps only those who help themselves. Palestinians will never get anything from Israel or the United States unless they force them to accept their demands by mass resistance,” said Finkelstein.

“The Nazi Holocaust has benefitted Israelis the most. They have made Nazi Holocaust something ‘unique’ to shield their crimes against Palestinians,” said Finkelstein.

To prove his point, Finkelstein pointed out that Obama’s new ambassador to United Nations, Samantha Power’s use of Holocaust to shield Israeli military threats against the Islamic Republic.

Finkelstein claims that since the so-called Arab Spring, a bastard child of State Department and Israeli agents, has shattered, fragmented and weakened Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Palestinian Authority (PA) - Obama administration and Israel believe that they can force Palestinians to accept peace on Israeli terms. The Saudi and Qatari regimes, through bribe and Shi’ite hatred, have succeeded in isolating Hamas from its former resistance allies, Iran, Syria and Hizbullah.

On the release of Palestinian prisoners by Israel, Finkelstein said: “Israel tells Palestinians: “You take your 100 prisoners and we take another 10% of your land“. Watch Finkelstein’s interview below.

Recently, Canadian political columnist and author, Greg Felton told young Iranian jornalist and author, Kourosh Ziabari, that the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, is the sole loser of the talks as he already knows that he is “in the pay of Israel.”

“He and his cronies go through this moronic peace charade to give the illusion they are important and are the representatives of the Palestinians. In fact, all it does is giving diplomatic cover to Israel’s persistent expropriation of Palestine. The fact is, the only legitimate representatives of the Palestinians belong to the duly, and honestly elected Hamas government of Ismail Haniyeh. Therefore, all these peace talks are illegitimate, like Israel itself,” Felton said.

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