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Last year, Jewish author and editor, Peter Alexander Beinart, was chased by pro-Israel goons for his book, ‘The Crisis of Zionism‘. On January 29, 2013, Beinart penned an article at Jewish propaganda organ, The Daily Beast, in which he claims that politicians in both United States and South Africa are obsessed with state of Israel – While the Israel Lobby controls American administration – most politicians in South Africa hate Israel for being an apartheid state.

Beinart spills his Zionnazi Islamophobia by blaming South African Muslim community for keeping the anti-Israel feelings alive among the country’s non-Muslim African majority. However, he avoids to mention that in the US, it’s the pro-Israel lobby groups which invest tens of millions of dollar each year to keep anti-Islam feelings alive against 30-million-strong Muslim communities in the US and Europe.

South Africans hatred toward the Zionist entity and Zionist Jews in general – is not due to Israel being classified as an “apartheid state”, two decades ago, but Zionist entity’s very close co-operation with the former White colonial rulers in South Africa. Their cooperation was based on their common backgrounds; European colonial entities and hatred toward the native non-White people.

Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky, an editor at the New York Times, in book, ‘The Unspoken Alliance’, has claimed that Afrikan leaders actually sought-out advice from the Zionist Israeli leaders on how to sell themselves in the West and how to improve their image. They looked to Israel as a sort of beacon, and they didn’t understand why Israel had managed to withstand criticism for decades and survived, and why South Africa was failing.

“In South Africa, Jews focused the emotional attachment they did not feel toward their own country on Israel. And this made them even more Zionistic than Jews in the United States, whose Zionism complemented their Americanism rather than substituting for it. In America, you occasionally find a Jewish baby boomer who spent time in her youth in a Zionist youth movement like Habonim, Bnei Akiva or Beitar. In South Africa, you occasionally find one who did not,” wrote Beinart.

In fact, Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein, in best-seller book, ‘The Holocaust Industry’ wrote that ordinary American Jew had no feeling or loyalty toward state of Israel – but it all changed during the 1967 Israeli war on its Arab neighboring countries. However, a powerful Jewish lobby did exist in the US even before the creation of the Zionist entity in 1948. The American Jewish Congress and several other US Jewish groups joined Zionist Jewish organizations in the West and declared economic war on Germany in 1933 (reported by Daily Express, London, March 24, 1933) – several month before Hitler’s rise to power.

“The anti-imperialist lense through which ANC activists see the world, it’s easy to see Palestinians as the rough equivalent of South African Blacks. Partly, it is because there are many more South African Muslims than Jews, and since Jews were deemed under apatheid while Muslims generally were not, Muslim pespective tended to carry greater prestige in anti-apartheid circles,” wrote Beinart.

One wonders if Beinart did know that more than 13% Palestinians were Christians in 1948, who were treated worse by Israeli Jews than they mistreated Muslim Palestinian majority. Historically, Christian leaders like Dr. George Habash played major part in establishing armed resistance against Israeli occupiers. Furthermore, many Muslim South Africans played leading role in ANC during Blacks struggle against White Afrikan rule. Professor Fatima Meer and the youngest ANC member jailed with Nelson Mandela, Achmad Cassiem, to name a few.

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