Pastor: ‘Israel is not serious about peace


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Jim Wall is an ordained Methodist pastor, journalist, blogger, USAF veteran and former publisher/editor of the Christian Century magazine for 27 years. Jims have made more than 20 trips to the occupied Palestine, during which he covered Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel in 1977 and Hamas’ election victory in 2006.

In August 27 entry at his blog, Jim posts a question: “Is Israel serious about peace?” Then he answers to his own question by saying: “NO“.

Jim, in support of his answer says that Netanyahu activated its plan to construct 1500 apartments in the disputed East Jerusalem just two weeks after John Kerry’s first round of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinian Authority (PA) began in Washington last month. Then a few hours before the second round of talks in Jericho, Israeli soldiers raided the Qalandia Palestinian refugee camp, looking for Yousef al-Khatib, who was recently released by Israelis as part of prisoner-exchange after spending 10 years in a military prison for resisting Jewish occupation of his ancestral homeland. Israeli soldiers killed three and wounded over a dozen refugees living in the camp during the raid.

This month, Israeli soldiers killed UNRWA worker Robin al-Abed, a 34 year-old father of four. As result, PA president Mahmoud Abbas, a US-Israel double agent, has cancelled any further peace talks for the time being.

Abbas has renounced the Palestinian rights to reurn to their lost homes inside Israel on Israeli TV. Before begining negotiations with Netanyahu Abbas also gave up his demands that Israel freeze settlement building in Abbas-controlled West Bank and that all talks on borders be based on the 1967 armistice line. These decisions have sparked outrage within the nine million Palestinian community – and are rejected by Hamas in Gaza. However, Netanyahu has refused to moderate his stand on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Jim says that Israeli leaders don’t need a peace with Palestinians, as they already got the peace they wanted – that’s occupation of Palestinian land which is supported by US administration and its western allies.

American Jewish blogger, Stephen Lendman, posted his comments on John Kerry’s peace talk partners on August 28, 2013, as follows:

Israeli security forces are unaccountable. They act with impunity. They call cold-blooded murder self-defense. They call justifiable Palestinian self-defense terrorism.

Palestinian lives and welfare have don’t. It shows in Israeli-instigated violence. Victims are blamed. Perpetrators are absolved. They’re free to commit more crimes. It bears repeating. Israel calls it self-defense. Killing Palestinians posing no threat is cold-blooded murder.

Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator. He’s Israel’s enforcer. He’s unprincipled. He’s a coup d’etat leader. He conspired with Israel against Palestine’s legitimate government. In 2005, Israel rigged his election. His term expired in January 2009. He hasn’t called new elections. Since 1991 Madrid peace talks and Oslo, he betrayed his people multiple times over. He’s done so for benefits he derives. He’s doing it again now. He plans unilateral surrender. He did it before. It’s coming again. Peace talks are fake. They’re a sham.

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