General Thoughts On Crop Circles (Real And Fake)


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Crop circles, the real ones, are there for a reason. I believe them to be messages to us all. They do seem to have very profound meanings. However, I don't always agree with the interpretations of what they are. Mathematically calculated, sure, but they are more than what they seem and when anyone has 'figured out what they mean', i always think they are still somewhat wrong even though they may be on the right track.

Most crop circles ARE real. Come on, perfectly bent without breaking wheat/oats/whatever and corn? Not only that, but some have been proven to have been magnetic. Magnetic!!! How could hoaxers pull that one off? How do you magnetize wheat? Also, beams of light have been know to have been seen just prior to the crop circle appearing. Beams of light, from above, very bright white light.

Sure, there have been fake crop circles. I'm not denying that. Everyone has heard of the two drunken brothers or friends or whatever. Yes they went out with a board and rope and made their own little 'crop circles'. However, there is no way on this earth that ANYONE could be a detailed and intricate with design and size in the amount of time it actually takes to make most of these images. Yes, I also am aware that groups of people venture out into the farmers' fields and make their own fake circles that have details. Farmers have also been known to put up boxes for donations for those who trample their crops so that they don't lose money on the damaged crops.

Bottom line is, the vast majority of crop circles are in fact real and done by another source that is not on the ground of this earth.

We don't know what the messages are, but we're doing our best to guess, even though we are thinking far too complex. Not all are in need of such complex thinking.

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I think crop circles are real, for the most part. I think that some of the deciphered ones are done correctly. Like for example the one that shows a calendar of the upcoming 2012. Other than the calendar being seemingly accurate, could there be more to it? Maybe. Who knows? Only whoever put it there knows for sure, right?

Crop circles are fascinating in themselves simply because of the large scale at which they are done, and the timeframe in which they are done.

I didn't know about the magnetized wheat. That's really interesting. Why is that not mentioned more? Are you sure it was magnetic? Or could it have been radioactive, maybe? Because, I've heard of the radioactive wheat and corn, myself.

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Oh I believe crop circles are real, but they are being made by our own government not ETs or UFOs or even drunk hillbillies with a straw hat and a 2x4.


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I'm sure some are by our own governments, but i believe there are more created by extraterrestrial / non-terrestrial forces. ie. Aliens.