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December 23, 2009

The Daily mirror says: "Health Risk forged by pandemics - under this motto, the Council of Europe in January 2010 concerned with the impact of the Pharma industry in the global campaign against bird flu and swine."

According to a message from Rainer Woratschka in the Daily mirror on December 16 2009, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on a proposal of inquiry chaired by the German physician-epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg (SPD) in January as an emergency debate on the influence of scientists and authorities by the Pharma industry.

That would have meant that millions of healthy people to unnecessary risks of vaccines are tested poorly exposed, while the infectious disease is considerably less harmful than any other flu wave in previous years and not one tenth of the normal number of deaths has caused this.

Worse than the fact that the vaccine manufacturers with their scare-mongering at the expense of the taxpayer earned so much, find Wodarg, "that before physical risk has taken the bargain. "

"The vaccines included in the adjuvants are hardly tested," said the SPD politician against the Daily mirror

The dangerous side effects, stand-nerve paralysis were, as before, only imperfectly recorded.

According Wodarg, Council of Europe and the media mainly with the role of the UN World Health Organization should deal in June for the swine flu (Mexican flu) pandemic is the highest-proclaimed.

First, the criterion for scaling no longer have the actual disease, but the level of illness. This was the infection as a global epidemic, which states were forced to act.

The global sale of hundreds of millions barely tested vaccines and drugs would have caused them, despite the reluctance of some skeptical States and Poland, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

"Since the WTO is not under parliamentary control, the governments there are consequences to commit" requires Wodarg.

"It can not be that one definition of a pandemic to leave an organization, apparently under the influence of pharma sales position. Many ruling powers came from industry and went back to back ", said Wodarg.

Moreover, the role and impact on the Paul Ehrich and the Robert Koch Institute, Germany in which key elements should be examined.

Already has a review of the Council of Europe, a similar debate. In 2005 the Swiss politician Dick Marty entrusted the secret transport of prisoners by the CIA in Europe to detect. His reports revealed the existence of secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania with the knowledge of several European countries.

Translation: Spy-Nose

Source: Rainer Woratschka, “Mess with the flu” , Daily mirror

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