God Believes In You, Do You Believe In God? - Lady of Light

Lady of Light

"Just because you don't believe in God does not mean that God doesn't believe in you." - Lady of Light


Whether or not you believe in "God" is quite irrelevant. There is a "God" out there that I like to refer to as "the ultimate creator" or "the primary energy source" or even "the ultimate frequency", etc, etc. I refer to this source as many things but ultimately it comes down to where we all originated from. I don't view God as a being as such, but as the energy in which we all are derivatives of. Even as beings of a physical form (human) we have the ability to create with our minds by truly believing something is. God, or the ultimate creator, really does believe in you or you wouldn't be here. Creations from "thought"; creations that are all wanted or nothing would exist. If you are created, you are loved and wanted and there is a belief in you on many levels. We are all special, or we would not be. This also touches on the "everything for a reason", which is also very important to remember. Don't ever forget that. You don't have to believe in God to be believed in.

Please do not mistake this as a statement that is pushing toward either believing in a God or NOT believing in a God. You make your own decision on that one. If you are anything like me, your "beliefs" are ever-changing over time. And if you're not, you have what you already believe and I'm not here to sway anyone.