"Government Black-ops" The Truth about weather changes?


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"Government Black-ops - Part 1"

An expert of planetary changes...Very interesting interview with an insider! MUST LISTEN!!

"Government Black-ops - Part 1"

Aurora and Doctor Whodini's special guest is John Moore.

John is ex-military and a retired homicide detective and has special connections to the "Black-op" world. The Government is no doubt prepared for what is about to face humanity head-on in the next couple of years! He also passed along a rather shocking and frightening thermal map of the North Atlantic showing the Gulf Stream has completely stopped! This spells a monumental disaster this winter for the UK and other neighboring countries.


In addition, John spoke about an ancient orbiting satellite called "The Black Knight," which apparently was built by a previously advanced civilization thousands of years ago and discovered during the Sputnik era back in the late '50s and early '60s.

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"Government Black-ops - Part 2"

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